The Sancitity Of Sun and Moon

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8 Oct 2005 at 16:28

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chandie (More uploads by chandie)
Single player

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Sancicity -readme.txt 0.43 kB 08 Oct 2005
Battleships1.j2l Alien's HQ 8.07 kB 07 Oct 2005
Battleships2.j2l The Sacred Four 10.19 kB 08 Oct 2005
Exoticus1.j2l Wet Grass 7.79 kB 08 Oct 2005
Exoticus2.j2l The Secret Castle 8.17 kB 08 Oct 2005
Lagunicus.j2l The Hidden Lake 3.28 kB 08 Oct 2005
Muck1.j2l Muck Knock 9.64 kB 08 Oct 2005
Muck2.j2l Dirty Soil 9.17 kB 08 Oct 2005
ExoticusV.j2t JJ1 Exoticus 135.79 kB 29 Mar 2004
ExoticusW.j2t JJ1 Exoticus Winter 136.39 kB 29 Mar 2004
j1Battleshipsv2.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships v2 52.97 kB 29 Mar 2003
Lagunicus.j2t JJ1 Lagunicus 111.11 kB 29 Nov 2003
MuckamokDay.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Day 76.00 kB 21 Dec 2001
MuckamokNight.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Night 73.19 kB 21 Dec 2001
Exoticus.j2b 20.60 kB 22 Aug 2002 Lark - Battleships 117.04 kB 02 Sep 2005 Lark - Lagunicus 107.73 kB 09 Sep 2005
SONGCD2.s3m Muckamuk 80.38 kB 04 Apr 2004


Hi guys. Here’s my new level pack. Here’s 6 new levels (and a bonus) which will make us return to Jazz1 World. There’s no story, only new levels, a few mazes, and sun and the moon of course. Enjoy :)


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RecommendedReview by Urslaz

9 Oct 2005, 15:33
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

Why are you guys messing up this download page with talks like that? And Dx, it looks like you always ask that question when a level is TSF. There are many people that only have or use TSF. And now, be happy that we finally see something different on the Jazz2 community again. The last year we didn’t got much good single player works, it looks like almost everybody only cares about the multiplayer modes last time. This level don’t deserves stupid ‘fake’ review posts, it needs fresh, long reviews and that is axactly what I’m going to do now!

This is a single player pack that contains 6 levels ordered in the standard Jazz2 episode way, or whatever you would call that. Those levels where made in Jazz1 conversion tilesets. It also has music files from Jazz1, of course the ones that fit with the correct tileset.

These levels have anything a single player level needs. It hasn’t overused food items, much gems, enemies that fit into the level where you are, good ammo placement, and of course coins and a coin warp! And don’t forgot about the trigger puzzles, it has some non original puzzles but also much very original ones! The eyecandy placement could be better, but it still looks good.

This pack just never bores you. Even if you are tired of single player. It’s just that the gameplay is original, how original? find that out yourself! The levels are even as long as the original Jazz2 levels. That means this is as long as one of the normal Jazz2 episodes. The placement of poles, vines, and tubes are well used though.

Not much to say in here, I’m glad that chandie made a new level pack and I hope everyone would download this masterpiece. This review was worth for it!

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Review by chandie

9 Oct 2005, 12:58
Turtle Goon (97 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

it is 1.24 because idon’t have 1.23! i’m sorry

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Review by Jarno vos

9 Oct 2005, 09:11 (edited 9 Oct 05, 15:04)
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%

Edit sorry Dx

Chandie : i have 1.23 and 1.24

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Review by Ðx

9 Oct 2005, 07:51 (edited 10 Oct 05, 01:46 by Violet CLM)
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

why is it 1.24….

Edit 1:

See Jarno Vos i understand you don’t get why People don’t like it 1.24 but can you shut up then?
(Please stop posting one line reviews complaining about uploads being 1.24. This adds nothing to the download page and is a waste of (admittedly little) space. If you will persist on clicking on uploads which require TSF, I suggest buying TSF. ~Violet)

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