The Return Home

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28 Nov 2005 at 13:14

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LEVEL0.000 DIAMONDUS LEVEL ONE 20.97 kB 28 Nov 2005


With the old version of JCS 94, I found level making so cumbersome that I didn’t even consider making a level with it. Granted, there are people who rose to the challenge and one even produced a level that actually made high marks on the charts (Go Violet!), making levels with the old JCS 94 isn’t practical.

After making the changes to the new version, Newspaz nudged me when I would try making a level myself. All the time I spent testing and fixing the editor up could hardly be considered checking the user-friendliness of the program. So, I decided to give it a try (of course, using the Diamondus tileset which I love so much).

Once I actually started making a level, I realized how easy it was. I could actually scroll the windows with keys and the windows could be moved freely across the screen. I loved the shortcuts, especially the B, Ctrl + E, and Shift + E combos, which were so helpful. The new functionality to place the last selected event is also very useful as well. On top of that, I found that some tiles had bad masks, so I didn’t hesitate to change them on the fly. And if multiple selection of tiles wasn’t enough, I found it very simple to make my own events, which you will witness in this upload. The level only took a few days to make.

Granted, making levels in just a few days isn’t the smartest thing because one doesn’t put enough thought into the whole matter, but I was doing this to test the waters — nothing more. I’m hoping people can realize with this upload how easy and fun (yes, fun) it is to make levels with your own unique events, and will be inspired to sit down and actually produce something like I have.

Anyways, the point of this level is the exact opposite of Violet’s level — get back to your rabbit home and eat the carrot (lunch) that’s waiting for you at the end. Some new ideas have been incorporated into this level, such as new enemies (Yellow bouncers), flying bird platforms and other types of platforms. The level itself is much longer than most jazz1 levels, and there is no difference between easy and hard difficulties. Just test it out, watch the eyecandy, and give it a rating. Even if you don’t like it, GO OUT AND MAKE SOME LEVELS ANYWAYS!

Back up your Level0.000 file and replace it with this one.

(As a side note, I’ve noticed that a few tiles that were unused in the actual game of jazz in the Diamondus tileset cause the game to crash. As to why, I have no clue. Examples of these tiles would be the grass spike tiles and the ground tiles with grass spikes.)


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