Sick in christmas

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23 Dec 2005 at 17:52

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iluz (More uploads by iluz)
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this is not important.txt 0.21 kB 23 Dec 2005
S I C.j2l Sick in christmas 14.33 kB 23 Dec 2005
S I C1.j2l Start 5.73 kB 23 Dec 2005
S I C2.j2l Back to Carrotlyn 13.49 kB 23 Dec 2005
S I C3.j2l End 4.29 kB 23 Dec 2005
xmas3.s3m 172.67 kB 04 Jul 1999


I think that if I make a christmas level in christmas I will get a good rating, but it’s up to you.


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RecommendedReview by n00b

29 Dec 2005, 01:40 (edited 8 Jan 06, 23:39)
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
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Sick in Christmas is the amazing story of Jazz saving the town of Carrotlyn(get it, it’s a rabbit-fied Brooklyn) from a diesease. You see everyone in the town is too weak to go to the pharmacy for some cold medicine, so the Mayor gives Jazz some money to run the errand.
I don’t know about you, but a town with only 2-3 houses seems more like a tiny neighborhood. Anyways, you then get to visit the Carrotlyn Mines and Forest. There’s also a rocket factory where you can buy ammo. But you dont have enough money. From there, the level plays like a nifty chain of events, and since his level is fairly decent I won’t ruin what that chain is. The level is unforutantly, very short. I would have liked to see more puzzles. On a plus, there is less random stuff to collect(which was seen in Iluz’s earlier levels) and there is no Bilsy boss(who is the cliched boss of choice for Xmas levels). On the negative side, there are a few instances where you have to destroy mass enemies placed in a linear row. Honestly, the only time this works is with flying enemies, and that should be used sparingly(like one time a pack), since sometimes the action is intense, and other times it’s lame.
The level itself is split into two levels, the second one is basically the same as the first, but empty. I’d would have liked some more challenge in returning the medicine to the village.
All in all though, this is a fine holiday level that should make for a quick diversion.
Another thing is that Iluz is improving, one thing that I especially like is that he takes the comments from reviews and actually listens to them.
Final score- 6.4

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Review by iluz

29 Dec 2005, 18:58
CTF Bug (3 Points)
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Hey n00b there is a trigger to open the pink wall, but it’s hidden.

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