Tilted Coaster

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5 Feb 2006 at 09:59 (Minor update on 27 Aug 2020)

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Ischa (More uploads by Ischa)
Single player

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TC.j2l Tilted Coaster 2.27 kB 05 Feb 2006
AltonTowers.j2t Alton Towers 66.88 kB 03 Feb 2006
Orbitusremix.s3m Orbitus Remix! 377.75 kB 05 Feb 2001


Hello, folks!

I have a new friend on Jazz2Online. Gus. And I have created a rollercoaster-level with one of his tilesets!

But… panic on the coaster! Devan has repaired his robot again to tilt the coaster! All visitors will die.
Your rabbit is the only one that can destroy the robot and save the people! He/she is the only one that can survive 99,999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance of dead and 0,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance of survive.
Jump in one of the cars from Coaster Gus and save it!

Good luck!



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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 3.9

Review by chandie

22 Feb 2006, 18:15
Turtle Goon (97 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

Nothing to do, just beat some blue ghosts, and a boss. Nothing else. The idea of the roller coaster is very good, i know the idea isn’t the author’s but there’s not much to review except the idea.

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Review by fearofdark

5 Feb 2006, 11:59 (edited 5 Feb 06, 13:37)
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

What am I doing reviewing this early in the morning??

Eyecandy 15/20

You have the same nice eyecandy as the example level on Gus’ tileset. Would of scored 17 but please, DONT BE LAZY.

Gameplay 4/20

Just enemies, a boss and something to keep you on the coaster.

Enemies 8/20

You could have used something other than monsters. But there is a robot boss at the end.

Items 0/20

No Items…….

Size 12/20

Well, It is big but when you are playing it, you cant control yourself.

No Bonusses

Total Score 39/100

Rating 4

Final Comment


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Review by Ischa

5 Feb 2006, 13:06
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Oh, dear!

I’ve forget the bonusses! I’ll put them immediately!


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Review by Jarno vos

5 Feb 2006, 13:14
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%

Oh, dear!
You have stolen the idea of gus!!

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Review by DennisKainz

10 Feb 2006, 18:15 (edited 22 Apr 06, 17:25 by Fquist)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness31%

I rated it 10 for 3 reasons:

First: You are my best friend on J2O.
Second: You are a good level maker.
Third: You used MY tileset:-P

(Unsupported/biased rating removal. The downloads FAQ states that you should “Try to be impartial and fair when rating levels”. ~Violet)
(To clarify more: You should not base your rating on how much you like a person and wether that person has used your tileset or not. These are not objective means of deciding how high the quality of a file is. – FQuist)

Ok, Fquist. I’ll do like you want.

I rate this level 8 because i think it’s a suitable rating for a level with so many enemies and with the robot boss at end.

[Inappropiate rating (8) removal. You have not provided a single reason why this is good. I can make a thousand enemies in a level that is worth an 1, and you’d rate it an 8? “Many enemies” is not a good reason. To be clear: I’m not saying this level is bad. You need to give good, clear reasons, and you’re not giving those in any of your reviews. – FQuist]

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