Time Rabbit

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24 Feb 2006 at 08:50 (Minor update on 27 Aug 2020)

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Ischa (More uploads by Ischa)
Single player

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tr1.j2l Old Carrots 2.44 kB 28 Feb 2006
tr2.j2l Golden TNT 3.23 kB 24 Feb 2006
tr3.j2l Flight Might! 2.41 kB 23 Feb 2006
tr4.j2l Frog Thunder 4.54 kB 23 Feb 2006
tr5.j2l Future Frenzy 2.97 kB 24 Feb 2006
tr6.j2l Bad Pitt 8.36 kB 23 Feb 2006
trend.j2l The End 1.85 kB 23 Feb 2006
trs1.j2l Next Station, Please! 2.06 kB 23 Feb 2006
trs2.j2l Deep Fall 1.77 kB 23 Feb 2006
Castle2N.j2t Castle 2 Night 209.43 kB 29 Mar 2002
CV.j2t CV 49.20 kB 11 Nov 2001
IschasMine.j2t Ischa's Mine 77.25 kB 12 Feb 2006
IschasMine2.j2t Ischa's Mine 2 77.26 kB 12 Feb 2006
MPlant.j2t Manufacturing Plant 37.10 kB 23 Jan 2006
Thermal.j2t Thermal K.1 195.67 kB 11 May 1999
wings4.xm Wings -by L_Gaga 244.86 kB 11 Nov 2001
2unlimit.mod 4 unlimited 317.67 kB 01 Jan 2000
DEMONIC.MOD Demonic Sensation 403.95 kB 28 May 1994
waterfal.mod shiny waterfall 138.21 kB 12 Mar 1999
FlyingIndian.S3m Flying Indian II - MYSTICAL 303.21 kB 04 Feb 2000
Medivo3.s3m Medivo Remix 541.52 kB 11 Aug 2003



A new Single Player-pack!

Hey, I think that you know it… in the orginal JJ2-version Devan has build a time-machine to rewrite the history of Carrotus and the rabbit ruin his plan.

Now Devan has repaired his time-machine for a new try and this time with success! Jazz, Spaz and Lori are lost in time. The only way to deactivate the time-machine is: a piece of gold that starts burning with a candle. With that burning gold our rabbits should defeat Devan Shell and ruin his plan again…

Why you must download this pack:

-six new levels and two secret areas
-six ages: prehistoric, medieval, gold fever, world war II, release Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and the future
-extra lives for the destruction of all silver crates or a victory in a secret area
-Jazz, Spaz and Lori needs your help!

Good luck and catch that Devan!



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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 5.7

Not recommendedReview by NovaStar

24 Feb 2006, 21:29 (edited 1 Mar 06, 12:07 by ShadowRabbit)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness25%

Here’s my review!

Old Carrots:
The tileset didn’t really match the theme of the level.
You out Demons in. Note that demons didn’t exist in Pre-historic times, so that kinda ruined it.
The music was a good choice.
Not enough enemies.
Gameplay was basically kill all the baddies, destroy all the crates.
Very short.
SCORE: 3.7

Golden TNT:
The tileset sorta matched this time.
The music didn’t really match.
I branded this level a failure since I couldn’t warp to the puzzle.

Flight Might!:
I liked the music for this level. I’m not too sure it matched but it was good.
The textured background didn’t work but was still pretty.
Very large and I got lost the first time. The second time I got it, but it required extensive searching.
Very annoying since crows and bees come after you.
The eyecandy was average, maybe a bit above.
SCORE: 4.7

Frog Thunder:
Pretty good eyecandy. Ischa seems to get the hang of making good levels now.
Then I see a witch. And another one. And another one. Now the level seems to be a survivor test. Dodge the spells, go back to the start if you get hit… well, for a start the concept of that is a bit… let’s just say not very good. I was forced to use JJGOD to get through it all. Altho upon un-JJGODing I discovered how to beat them. Yay!
The music started off quite good but then I hear Medivo plonked in randomly. Yeurk. At least it isn’t too bad.
I didn’t like the disappearing bricks, they annoyed me and forced to cheat again, this time using JJFLY.
A little too big. Two of the crates were unreachable.
Now it’s getting WAY too large, same mistake as Old Carrots.
I come to the Queen. Hmmmm… this looks familiar… where have we seen this type of seen before? Why, of course, Knight Cap! Quite a rip-off you have there Your Majesty.
SCORE: 3.9

Future Frenzy:
Very good music, matches the level… grooves
The sucker chain was kind of pointless, but then I noticed they move in a chain.
I liked the MCE use of the buttstomping Jazz. Especially since it counts as an enemy and dances.
Had to use JJFLY and JJNOWALL to get up the top. Also the copters are non-Lori-friendly, did you know?
But in the end I gave up. I saw no point in the level at all other than to show that the level maker’s gotten slightly better. I failed this level.
SCORE: 1.2

Bad Pitt:
JJ2 Bad Pitt rip-off.

NOTES: Not very Lori-friendly (which makes me mad as I’m a Lori user), nice music, gameplay concept not too good, very basic.

Nice music choices. +3

Too short. –4
Bad gameplay. –5
Lori-unfriendly. –3

So, let’s see… 3.7 + 1.9 = 5.6 + 4.7 = 10.3 + 3.9 = 14.2 + 1.2 = 15.4 – 2 = 13.2, so that’s the level score.
Add the pros, 13.2 + 3 = 16.2, and take away the cons, 16.2 – 4 = 12.2 – 5 = 7.2, – 3 = 4.2, round it off to a JCF and it’s still 4.2.
OVERALL SCORE = 4.2. Not too bad, very good for a beginner (if you are one).
DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION: Unfortunately in my ratings it takes a fairly good score to get a DR, like around 5-6, so I must say no unless you want some tilesets and good music.

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Review by mortalspaz

12 Jun 2009, 15:24 (edited 28 Jul 09, 17:34)
Turtle Goon (70 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings43 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness76%

Well….Why not?
The idea is good. I’ve never played so called “JJ2 Time Episodes….”
This is (sort of) a continue to the original JJ2 story: In JJ2 Devan builds the time machine but he’s plan is ruined by Jazz/Spaz/Lori(if tsf)and in here Devan actually sends Jazz in time and it looks like he needs…. a piece of gold that starts burning with a candle????? Oh well..

The prehistoric level is kinda short, having some bugs, no textured bg respawning Devils in Hard Mode and others!The 3-crate reward was original though.

Gold fever looked a bit like the real one but the gold carriage did not fit very well at first.But there’s still 2 problems:To linear and to Easy!Oh and too dark.

WW2 was easy…. but there was easy to get lost too!And looks like a level i played: Errr…. A yes! In Element Disaster: Tornado Alley. It took me some time to get past it…

The medieval lvl had too many witches like fearofdark said and no gameplay except of crates.

I don’t understand why did you put the future before 1998’s Jazz Jackrabbit 2 release but anyway… The future level had tooooooooooooooo many float suckers and i had to use the last shield cheat to get past them!
It was too linear and there is a part where it forces you to kill yourself if you get stuck!(also a limit xscroll)I had to use jjfly and jjnowall to get back up.

And the last level is The Bad Pitt ripped having 3 differences: A text at start, a 1up was replaced with a crate
and I found that other crate before i fought Devan……(What was that for?)


Music Good….

Eyecandy: Good..
Fun? YEAH REALLY!! Well.. a bit.
Enemies: …Between good and bad
_Must have?_Don’t know!
Score : 6.5
DR? : N/A

I can’t give dl rec because i can’t really recommend it to someone to play!
It’s fun but it need’s improoving.

This review has been edited by MortalSpaz! added story, fonts and completed review

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Review by JazzBusters

24 Feb 2006, 09:49 (edited 24 Feb 06, 10:36 by Fquist)
CTF Bug (9 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings9 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness22%

Geez, that is a good episode!
105 downloads in 2 hours!

Well, my rating:

Enemies: SUPER (good chosen and good placed)

Bonusses: SUPER (not too less, not to much)

Challenges: SUPER (very original, a extra life if you buttstomped all crates)

Gameplay: SUPER (is very good too)

Final Rating: 10

[Inappropiate rating (10) removal. Please never ever EVER rate your own uploads, or use your second account or a relative to rate it. We want objective ratings here on the site, but this rating is biased and unfair. Please re-read the Downloads F.A.Q. – FQuist]

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Not recommendedReview by n00b

25 Feb 2006, 20:13 (edited 25 Feb 06, 20:14)
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness83%

Shadowrabbit, thats the dumbest question ever. Being 12 does not give you a license to be stupid, go check the JazzBuster’s email address and then check Ischa’s.

Anyways onto the review:
The whole Time Zone thing is not really the greatest feature ever, considering each time zone lasts one level and the only way to actually tell what zone you’re in is from the ever there “Credit Signs” in the start of each level.

And secondly, both Secret levels took me back to the ‘Press Fire’ scene. I’m not sure why. That makes two features utterly worthless. Now we move onto the gameplay. With the exception of the WW2 level(which is my favorite level out of the bunch) and the future level, every level is a fairly linear jumble of a mess. No level tells you your current objective, so figuring out how to leave becomes a tedious process of experimentation. This would have been fun if the levels weren’t so ho-hum, but since the levels are ho-hum you’ll have the tendency to skip levels. Theres also a sidequest of sorts of finding crates, an idea that sounds swell on paper, but falls flat because none of the levels feel like they can be explored past the main path. And when they do, you’ll more than likely pick the path to the end of the level instead of the secondary path. This is annoying, since in the caslte level there is a queen boss that you cannot run back from due to activeX events. The WW2 level is less linear, but suffers from a problem of being a bit too open. Same goes for the future level. The final playable level is just ripped from JJ2, and that ticks me off as nothing was changed except for a sign added to the begining. All in all, this pack should not be downloaded since anything that is given with it’s Left hand is taken away with it’s right.

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Not recommendedReview by fearofdark

26 Feb 2006, 15:46
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

I havn’t reviewed a single player level in a long time. So here’s my review:

I found this one the worst of all of them. The level was extreemly short and there was no gameplay (Except crates). But the music you chose did suit the age, but the tileset wasn’t very….prehistoric…..

This level was slightly longer but was still too short. There was more gameplay but still not enough. Unlike the prehistoric level, this one had more spaces you could move into.

LEVEL 3: (WW2)
In this level, you could easily get lost. I didn’t discover what I had to do until I found the fist plane (which turned out to be the second plane I had to destroy). There was not as much eyecandy as the first level.

There were too many witches in the level and almost no items (same for all levels). Yet again, only the backround layers were used for eyecandy. The music you used didn’t help.

I didn’t get the idea of the level. The level was passworded so I gave up.


FINAL COMMENT: Not great. You need to do better.

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RecommendedReview by DennisKainz

28 Feb 2006, 10:02 (edited 3 Mar 06, 10:06 by I AM A DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE PLEASE CALL THE POLICE IF YOU SEE ME)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness31%

Not for n00b’s offensive rating, but just because it’s a great episode. Levels are wonderful and the theme is very good. Prehistoric Carrotus is very good and the gold fever level is also good, especially in the TNT puzzle. The best level is the future level, with robots and a very good regenerating sucker chain. You have also added clones. I like clones. The 2nd world war is also a wonderful theme for an episode with time machine. Last level: Awwwwwww… Classical Jazz2 level. Anyway, the episode is good. Download recommended.


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