Serial Experiments CTF Pack 1.0

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4 Apr 2006 at 15:23 (Minor update on 9 Dec 2011)

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>CelL< (More uploads by >CelL<)
Capture the flag
Music and tilesets by various people. People who beta tested anything in here know who they are (because I pretty much forgot).

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File contents

OLCse01.j2l Sacrifice 6.22 kB 04 Apr 2006
OLCse02.j2l Introspection 4.56 kB 04 Apr 2006
OLCse03.j2l Greed 7.71 kB 04 Apr 2006
OLCse04.j2l Sadness 7.38 kB 04 Apr 2006
OLCse05.j2l Sanctuary 6.99 kB 04 Apr 2006
OLCse06.j2l Twilight 10.68 kB 04 Apr 2006
ETs Planet2 v3.j2t ETs Planet2 v3 83.06 kB 28 Oct 2001
Heaven.j2t Heaven 156.10 kB 26 Nov 2001
PezroxV.j2t JJ1 Pezrox 109.88 kB 01 Aug 2004
Rootalopicus.j2t Rootalopicus 17.18 kB 25 Dec 2002
Space.j2t Space 99.88 kB 29 Apr 2003
Waz18.j2t Dark Reign (waz18) 51.71 kB 18 Aug 2003
keystoimagination.mod Keys to Imagination 355.38 kB 02 Apr 1996
scramind.mod scrambled mind 159.90 kB 06 Jul 1992
Isotoxin.s3m isotoxin - necros / fm 461.24 kB 08 Aug 2004
World of Plastic.s3m World of Plastic 55.79 kB 05 May 1995


So, uh, here it is, in all it’s sucktacular glory. Bet no-one saw this coming. ;-P Been planning to release this for a while, but I never got around to it. I thought that the 8th Anniversary Bash coming up in a few days would be a good excuse to finally release it.

The pack contains five maps previously unreleased on J2O, and one that was released a year ago, and then some (namely Sanctuary). Out of space constraint I decided to refrain from adding the music file for said level: if you don’t have it, you can find the original download through my user profile and get it.

Enjoy. Or not. See if I care.


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