carrottus dreams

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19 Apr 2006 at 19:31

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gam-ie (More uploads by gam-ie)
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for you.txt 0.23 kB 19 Apr 2006
carrotus dreams.j2l carrottus dreams 2.56 kB 19 Apr 2006


hi, i am gam-ie enjoy this game.
it’s made of carrottus and its for beginners.(ore else)
oh yeah, take a look on


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Not recommendedReview by LittleFreak

20 Apr 2006, 12:49 (edited 20 Apr 06, 12:53)
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness96%

This is a typical beginner’s level. That is not a very bad thing, because you learn by the errors you make. However, you won’t get high ratings which such levels of course. Here’s what’s wrong:

Gameplay: 2.5

Before I could play, I encountered the first common mistake new designers do: the hide level in home cooked list option is on. If this option is activated, the level can’t be accessed from the home cooked levels episode, so I had to open the file in the level editor and disable it. This is annoying, but none the less I started to play. I didn’t look at the time, but I think it took me about a minute or two to get to the end. The whole level is pretty much a try-out with some random events. You jump over some small pits with turtles on, warp to a more or less secret room with some goodies, kill a few more enemies and grab a tnt that you don’t need and then the level ends. Not a very exciting playing experience. The main problem is that no real thought has been put into placing the events. It always feels like the designer just put in what he thought might be good to try it out. There’s also no real challenge even for a beginner, because the level is so short and the few enemies there are can be easily killed before they hit you.

Creativity: 2.2

Not a whole lot of creativity, but with that short size there’s not a lot of space for creative stuff anyway. Well, the author mentioned that it wouldn’t be very original, but that’s exactly the point. If it’s not, then spend some effort to make it what it should be. Putting in some creative stuff is not as hard as it seems. I could think off a complicated puzzle right now if I wanted to. Just think about what you can do with certain events, and you’ll almost always get some ideas.

Eyecandy: 1.5

Here it shows again how inexperienced the designer still is. There are a lot of tile bugs, in short, the set just hasn’t been used the way it should be, mostly because the designer didn’t know how. At least it seems so. This can be easily overcome by just practice. Fool around, try some stuff, and you can get to decent results. The way it is now, it’s not a pleasure for the eye though.


Like I said, this is more something like a try-out than a challenging level. Practice makes perfect is my advice. With more experience, surely better results can be achieved.

Final Rating: 2.0, no download recommendation


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Review by iluz

19 Apr 2006, 19:38 (edited 19 Apr 06, 20:52)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

If this is your second level what is your first?

Ok…I just wanted to know.

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Review by gam-ie

19 Apr 2006, 20:32
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness14%

hi, my first level is not complete, so it comes over exactly 2 days.

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Not recommendedReview by fearofdark

20 Apr 2006, 19:46
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

This is you second level but your first upload on JJ2. Since it is your first upload I will give you a 0.5 bonus because you are new here and I am friendly with first uploads.

The eyecandy may explain why this is your first level. there are a high number of tilebugs and the backround is not fixed and textured. Carrotus is one of those tilesets where you have to spend a lot of time on and the auther clearly spend maybe less than 5 or 10 days on this level. Another problem arises when you’re playing this level in high resolution. You can see below the ground and through the wall into nothingness.

This had a fair amount of gameplay for the level size but all of this is squashed into a small space. The warp bit of the level was so small that it was quite hard to miss a warp. Also, the correct warp is too easy to find and you should signal where your warps are positioned. That seems to be about all the gameplay there is in the level. There were not many obstacles either. Yes this is a level for begginers but try not to upload them here. Use your levels to train yorself and if you think they’re of approapriate difficulty, upload them. Its embarassing if you have an easy level and then say in the text ‘that was pretty tough huh?’.

Because of the easy difficulty, the level is very rewarding with items. There was a very easy 1up to get and a very good reward for finding a very easy to find warp. Its a shame all the items are where you don’t need them, near the end of the level (unless you are doing a level pack or have a boss as your ending).

If you want a bonus for your levels and to give the level more fun, I suggest putting music in the level. +0

A standard JJ2 tileset that has not been used properly. Scan the tileset to see what animated tiles you could put in. +0

(You do get a .5 bonus since its your first upload)
BONUS: 0.5
RANK: 2 Terrible
DOWNLOAD?: No (Requires 4 for N/A, Requires 7 for Yes)
Well, 2 for a first try is not so good. Read carefully the advice reviewers give you and keep trying.

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