The Death Facility

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10 Jun 2006 at 21:20 (Minor update on 10 Jun 2006)

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P4ul (More uploads by P4ul)
Capture the flag
cooba, blur, and the betatesters

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ICdeathF.j2l The Death Facility 13.18 kB 10 Jun 2006
Odyssey04.j2t Odyssey 04 120.01 kB 30 Mar 2003
un_metrop1.j2b Metropolis 48.23 kB 10 Jun 2006


edit: the seeker boxes are fastfire turrets, like blacky pointed out. here is a version without them, feel free to download.


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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

23 Jul 2006, 12:02
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness89%

As being bored and actually having the feeling of giving a review for all, or nearly all of the contest-levels for j2mc. This level seemed to be a good startout point to begin reviewing with as Helldome isn’t uploaded to the downloads that got the first place. I will review the rest of the levels at time but that is going to be some time because of holidays. However…

The level has a grey ‘n black “palette” everywhere, mostly because of tileset choice too, but also the background has a fitting grey fadeout. This is all pretty nice nevertheless. The rest of the background is only rather simple but doesn’t really need a lot to be added as during gameplay the non-solid wall-tiles block the vision there anyway, so you will get to see just some pieces of it. ‘The tube’-eyecandy, mainly fills all the solid part of the level, but then again with this palette there isn’t really anything else that would suit really well. And that P4ul did make it carefully and the result was really neat is extra. All the rest, flashing lights showing your current side for instance, were allright.

The layout isn’t as interesting at all. It is a pretty linear everywhere like back to the 2004 Galactic Warfare by Snooze. This isn’t really a direct ripoff at least like it would first look like, but I do prefer the layout in GW over this. The fact that you barely need to jump when moving through level anywhere makes it dull. It could feel like a level for old Jazz-grandfathers sitting in wheelchairs or how are they called that who have to use SLOPES or ELEVATORS, instead of STAIRS. Or then the greater elevator to the middle with float. A bitter jump required. The paths don’t have too much of open area luckily. Then the narrow tubes meant for getting to the lower levels don’t fit a lot. The bases were placed into closed rooms with two quite small entrances/exits(and a third entrance as holes below bases in the updated version.) It is innovative, but doesn’t impress me so much. At least the layout doesn’t remain very spaz-biased.

Pickups are placed evily. Perhaps eviler then Evilmike would. Meaning ammo is placed all in large flocks, still not in boring-looking squares. Talking about the upgraded version of the level, having a more reasonable amount of Seeker-Powerups in the ex-turrets, as the turrets would be more useless in duels. The gun8-Powerup in the middle is fine, but the way the two other Powerups are to be reached in the bottom is irritating. They are supposed to be shot with bouncers, and with the sharp edge accurary has to be perfect. I guess overall the included seekers and rf’s are the most preferred weapon here during games.

I was thinking to give this a little below 8 but probably an exact 8 is more accurate since it got the 2nd place in the contest. The level looks decent by it’s cover, could be better by its layout, and is somewhat ok about its stuff content. Recommended for a try at least.

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RecommendedReview by Arti

8 Jul 2006, 20:54 (edited 10 Jul 06, 09:43)
Frog (24 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness65%

A nice duel level, made for some contest I think.

Eyecandy: Very good! The tubes are everywhere, not a place is left empty and there are lots of used tiles in the eyecandy, like different tubes and lights and lots of animations.

Gameplay: Very simple, yet it’s nice to play in. There is some kind of deathtrap I think, in where you fall into a thing and you get stuck for a while, this is a nice touch. There are no deadends, and lots of ways to escape. The flow is nice here, though you sometimes fly into the wall because of some springs, like the springs close to the base.

Weapons: Nicely placed, there is plenty of these for duels and they are in nice shapes. The PU’s are all of them really close to eachother though, making it easy to get them all at the ame time.

Bugs: The carrot at the top is harder to reach with Jazz… that’s all.

Comment overall level: Good flow, great eyecandy and a fitting music.

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