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12 Jul 2006 at 18:10

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Zombi (More uploads by Zombi)

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race x.j2l Da Online RACCCCE!? 4.39 kB 12 Jul 2006
race y.j2l DA RAAZZ Online 5.47 kB 12 Jul 2006
race z.j2l Da Online Razzzzze 11.71 kB 12 Jul 2006
plastig dream 2.j2t plastig dream 2 30.93 kB 18 Feb 2005
SpaceWarbase.j2t Space Warbase 138.96 kB 12 Jun 2002
UR-HOTEL.j2t UR-HOTEL 68.68 kB 14 Oct 2001
Part5.j2b Cycles of Fire Suite 521.21 kB 21 Jun 1999
mech3c.xm Mechanical Control 757.71 kB 10 Apr 1999
ADRENOCH.MOD adrenochrome 210.39 kB 01 Nov 1996


this are 3 racegames i made
the tielset of the second (race y) have i made with paint
to use it online, open it as teresure hunt


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Review by Sucka_Tube

16 Jul 2006, 02:33 (edited 24 Jul 06, 21:10 by Cooba)
Frog (21 Points)
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You did some very impressive things with some very unusual tilesets. Two of the race levels were however impossible to win with anyone but Spaz, and I found myself getting stuck in every one of them. The spaces between which you had to race were much, much too small, causing a great deal of frustration, making the level lose its “legato” feeling.

But that’s arguably just another aspect of racing, among many more concepts I got to see for the first time. You had to think quickly in the races to get past certain points and even had to get out of your way to defy physics (running in water as dense as air).

But I would definately reccomend this download. The levels were very well done, and once you get past the bugs the couple of gameplay issues, this is sure to become the next hit.

[Rating (8.5) clearance. This review doesn’t make it clear enough why does it rate this upload so high. “You did some very impressive things with some very unusual tilesets.” Care to explain what is so impressive there? ~Cooba]

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