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30 Jul 2006 at 21:32 (Minor update on 31 Jul 2006)

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qzhydro.j2l Hydronificant! 4.97 kB 31 Jul 2006
dd02.j2t Diamond Dust 02 218.12 kB 05 Feb 2006
Order.j2b Pull Back the Bass 170.49 kB 08 Jun 2006


Well, this is my second level with the Diamond Dust tileset, only this time I used the Night version.

About the level: It’s a rather simple, symmetrical CTF level with 3 PU’s: Bouncer and Toaster on each side of the level (you can only get those with gun 9) and RF – which can be reached with two warps on both sides of the level. On top of the level is a Full NRG, which can be shot down.

Edits: Some ammo next to both bases and yes, I’ve changed the two platforms which seemed to be almost unreachable for Jazz-players. Some more layer 5 usage and little changes at layer 4. I won’t edit it again, promised.


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RecommendedReview by Ðx

31 Jul 2006, 07:41 (edited 13 Apr 07, 20:00 by Cooba)
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
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It’s standart. Why did’t you used layer 5 that much? It’s almost empty. But the tree’s are placed on layer 4. So that’s very good. Also the background is’t original, just standart ;(. And layer 7 is just so normal for these days. Fix that (And mayby later 6 too) for extra points!


Awsome gameplay really. The level is really for a 3VS3. And it’s quite fun too! I really like the spring placement. Awsome flow and layout. There are warps! (waves). Also very handy when you are chased, and you really need to get some PU’s.

When i played the level, i felt like. It’s quite hard for Jazz, Spaz can move so easy throw this level. It’s very easyer for Spaz.


This is the strongest thing of the level. It’s VERY GOOD placed. Really nice how you must reach it sometimes, like in other levels you just can run. In this level you need to jump, and move that way, or that way.

The PU’s are very well placed, and you need them in combat.

Overall: Good level! And probably your best!


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RecommendedReview by Arti

2 Aug 2006, 12:59
Frog (24 Points)
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A small, symmetrical but nice level by Quickz.

Gameplay: This is nice. A Good flow and no deads ends. The level is very open and allows a lot of room for movement and if you fall down somewhere, you can just continue running to where you have to go because all the paths go to the same place. The springs are placed well and prevents dead-ends. The only thing that irks me are the walls to the right of the blue base, and same for the red base, that lead to that wooden bridge. It kinda disrupts the flow. Maybe you could have used diagonal tiles instead, or floatups.

Ammo placement: Good! They’re all placed in shapes and in big amounts, which is enough for 3vs3’s. You have to jump to get them though, theres nothing you can just run by to pick them up (except for the springs, where you just fall down/go up :P) Good PU choices, and no Seek PU :D The warps to the RF PU’s are very close to the other 2 PU’s though, so you could first get the other one, run back a little and get the RF PU.

Eyecandy: Not the strongest part of the level, but the gameplay makes up for it. For some reason I do like it, because the level is easy to navigate because of the eyecandy. It’s very easy on the eyes, but some parts are just empty and the layer 5 usage is basic. The trees and stuff atleast fill the level up.

Buggys: Couldn’t find anything like tilebugs, but it’s kinda Spaz biased. Jazz CAN reach everything, but it’s easier for Spaz.

Download Recommendation: Yes!
It’s nice to play in and the gameplay, flow and ammo placement make up for the eyecandy.

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