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8 Aug 2006 at 12:21 (Minor update on 10 Aug 2006)

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Napoleon (More uploads by Napoleon)
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Napoleon Hotel.j2l @Napoleon's Hotel 14.18 kB 10 Aug 2006
Hoteldream.j2t Hotel Dream 139.29 kB 06 Jan 2002
Mission.s3m Mission: Impossible 328.00 kB 20 May 2001


A luxurious Hotel made by Napoleon. After some requests, I have edited this hotel. I have fixed the room exit bug and used more background. But I couldn’t fix the pool bug. If someone knows how to fix it, please tell me. Kindly leave a review and a rating, so I know were I could improve in making new levels.


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Review by KiMO

11 Jun 2010, 22:49 (edited 12 Jun 10, 10:59 by Violet CLM)
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness31%

I want to go describe every room one by one so here goes my review…


The restaurant has some different types of food chosen carefully inculding enough soda. Unlike the kitchen, bathroom’s style is so simple, that you’ll get bored of it and you’ll probably ?eat? something else. Even that, it’s still a normal and sometimes romantic place to eat something. :P
Note: 7.8


What a lame room. I’ve never found this one useful only if someone would have to take a carrot. But still, if they had a hospital, the most hotels would have put only them and some beds. The idea is old and I think there should be more ideas about its creation. Also, some medical cabinets or some kits belong to this tileset and they’re not used here. I however need to increase my rating because of the idea for a second room.
Note: 6


Oh, I had a lot of fun here renaming all the rooms for my friends and changing their styles. All these boards are so great and fun, every room has something different and there is so much place in them. The stairs and warp target placements are also put rightly, making you to descend them insead of boarding. The exits are arranged good, but still they could be closer to the warp target.
Note: 9.3


There are here not enough things to be bought. Some power-ups and free warps will actually change the player’s impression, making him thinking about using them and shooting. Besides, there’s only a way to go (from start to end) and there doesn’t even appear some stairs. It’s too simple.
Note: 3.5


Another room which didn’t suprised me at all. I played some hotels before, and I have seen that sometimes people include a warp for the players who want to ‘‘rob the bank’‘ and a warp target to the so-called ‘Jail’. I find it realistic. Also I prefer gold coins, insead of sliver ones. The good thing of this room is that when you want to get the money, it’s just challenges you to take all of them, making it more provocatie if you use Spaz.
Note: 5.7


A pretty fun room, when you can relax and also play with your friends. The soccer is interactive, the gates are large, so that the ball will enter easier, the pitch spawn is normal and the stairs are preventing the player to hit it. Wall climb is hard, the edges are very crowded so it’ll be more difficult for users to jump. You’ll receive a pretty big prize if you pass. =P I’ll never get what you have to do in the kung fu place. Never had fun there and it could be more interactive if Napoleon had put a no-fire zone there.
Note: 7.3

Wall Climb

Here I had some accidents sometimes, because if you stomp too much in left you and your partner will be moved out of it. That’s the only thing I can comment here, the rest of it looks pretty… normal.
Note: 8


Test, Disco, Quiz… sounds some great places to hang out… The quiz was actually interactive for me, I found some interesting and known things, I passed them all and won the prize. The only problem was that I got confused of warp placements (up, down, up down, down…) or whatever, you could be more exact on them. The test is pretty easy, and I somehow found that the lvl 1 answer with the lvl20 of Napoleon Test? Oo I won’t check which one was made first, but I’ll still decrease the note. Disco has the vital things which are present in one, but still the decor is too simple and you’ll get bored fast, as I did.
Note: 7.3


I’ve never got the real reason why the battles were put in hotels, because as far as I know, hotels are made for the cooperative mode. And also why did you add the ammo there if people can take it from Shops in power ups?
Note: -


Funny, but I would have preferred to replace the water with the scenery one, even if it means that you would have been forced to delete the left part… The trampolines are simple and also fun, but I’d recommend you not to use the highest one, because your head will probably get stuck into the wall. xD Still an event for them would have been better.
Note: 7.7

Final Rating: (7.8+6+9.3+3.5+5.7+7.3+8+7.3+7.7):9=6.96=>7

I think you should download this only if you want to play a hotel, a normal one, with normal and typical things in your server, with your friends. If you want something new and got bored of these tilesets, don’t expect something from this.

Btw, this was my really first long review, please don’t be raw with me or my mistakes. :)

(Fixed the markup a little. Don’t mind me. ~Violet)

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Review by Sk8terboy

22 Aug 2006, 03:43
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

To fix the “pool bug” try placing the pool higher in the level.

an excerpt from Overlods’s site, Stronghold: Jazz, explains.

“Walking under water:
This happens when you are using “Water Level” event in your level with its height number greater than 127 (which means 128, 129, 130…). Make levels higher than 128 tiles because you’re going to need some space for the play area.”

So just make the pool higher than 127 on the Y-axis and you should be fine.

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Review by Napo-Leon

1 Jul 2009, 21:06 (edited 29 Jul 09, 14:39)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness23%

ow look my old lvl <3 :D

[Rating (9.2) clearance. not even gonna bother explaining – cooba]

[EDIT] :O coob I HATE U! :(

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Review by alex_hr2000

26 Oct 2009, 10:18 (edited 26 Oct 09, 14:43 by cooba)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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Pretty in Pink is one hotel go on copy hotel napoleo.

is express on is ender PASWORT?

[Rating (5.5) clearance. I am completely unable to understand this. You copied a level, uploaded the copy, and then rate the original a 5.5? wtf? – cooba]

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Not recommendedReview by JoJo a.k.a. IP-Dope

18 Aug 2006, 14:35 (edited 18 Aug 06, 14:42)
Frog (10 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings10 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness42%

Note: Thanks for providing a music file, but you forgot to change it in the level options.

So. First of all, the originality. It looks pretty similar to most of the other hotels I’ve seen. There’s some fun and original stuff added, such as the quiz and the gym, but apart from that it’s “just another hotel” with 95% default hotel stuff.

The level doesn’t look that bad, but there’s not a lot of variation in the tiles used and way to build rooms and chambers, which is too bad. The mountains on the background are pretty nice, though, but in my opinion you should try harder to show a clear difference between i.e. restaurant and hospital (only difference is the beds in the hospital are replaced with chairs in the restaurant)..

The gameplay sucks. There’s not a lot of space to move around freely (especially not the battle arena, how are we supposed to battle in such a tiny room?). Because of the fact that all powerups are available in the shop (for free by the way, if Im not mistaken?) the chances of having a nice fight are completely ruined. Coins and gems are nothing special in the level, and I kinda fail to see the value of them if you use them the way you do.

There are several bugs that need fixing..As per SPAZ18, the pool is fucked up at the moment, and there are some bugs with the soccer (was playing with 4 “balls” after a minute or two), rooms (got stuck 2 or 3 times in a couple of rooms) and some minor issues.

Well, I really can’t say I enjoyed playing this level, and I’m very sure I’ll like it even less when it’s being hosted and full of people. This level needs a lot more work to make it any different from the standard hotels.

Nor recommending this for download, I’m rating it a 4.5.


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Review by SPAZ18

8 Aug 2006, 16:54 (edited 22 Sep 10, 20:45)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

OK, I’ve never reviewed Hotels before so here goes.


EYECANDY: I love the Tileset. The level is set out just like a Hotel. The Rooms look great. Only Layers 4, 5 and 8 were used but they were used very well. Eyecandy has improved now, the mountain background makes it look like that you are climbing a mountain during the Mountain Climbing part. 9.5/10

BUGS: There was a bug in the Pool, the water kept disappearing and re-appearing and Jazz/Spaz/Lori wouldn’t swim in it. The bug in the rooms is now fixed. Unfortunately, I dunno how to fix the Pool bug. I will look at the level to see what’s wrong. 9/10

FUN FACTOR: There was lots to do in this hotel. Quiz, Tests, Sports, Battle and Mountain Climbing. I loved them all. The Tests were very hard. I thought the Quiz was a great idea. I never thought of doing that. 9/10

PICKUPS: There are lots of Gems and Coins and a Fast Feet pickup in the Mountain Climb. I don’t know what the coins were for but I’m guessing they were for the Shop. When I went to buy an item the number of coins didn’t decrease. But the coins were very well placed. 9/10

TOTAL: 36.5/40 (9.125)
Since I can’t do 9.1 or any scores to 2/3 decimal places, I will put the nearest to that which is a 9.2

DR: Yes.
Host: Yes, in Battle.

EDIT: I have looked at the level and still dunno what’s causing Jazz/Spaz/Lori to not swim. You have typed in the correct numbers in the Height but I just can’t work out why the character cannot swim.

EDIT 2: I gave this 9.2?!

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