Hot Springs (REMAKE)

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5 Sep 2006 at 14:02

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XLMHS.j2l Hot Springs Remake 9.48 kB 05 Sep 2006
Thermal.j2t Thermal K.1 195.67 kB 11 May 1999
Voice_of.j2b The voice of death. 451.87 kB 17 Apr 2003


A remake of my old Hot Springs level:



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Not recommendedReview by LittleFreak

7 Sep 2006, 14:18 (edited 7 Sep 06, 14:20)
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness96%

This was just plain not fun. Very high originality and nice eyecandy, but the overdone difficulty just destroys everything.


I remember the concept from the earlier version, which I played as well. There are four red springs which hover over a huge lava pit and fly to the right. To get over, the player has to keep up with them. They’re pretty fast, which means you’ll have to rush through must areas. And rushing is no fun at all. There are platforms with enemies and ammo, but you won’t get to kill or collect most of them, because if the springs escape you, you’re done for. One deadly area leads to another. I really, really, don’t do this normally, but I really just coptered through most of the level (I luckily played with Jazz). That didn’t make it any more fun though.

Rating: 5.0


Argh. I like hard levels. I don’t like this one. It’s just not fun when you have to hurry so much you don’t get to do anything the level offers. I honestly don’t feel like replaying it to kill the enemies and collecting the stuff (or reading the text sign near the end if you will). This level would rock if it wasn’t so freaking hard.

Rating: 4.5


Many advanced tricks have been used. Worth to mention are flying objects (including the springs of course) like enemies and spike balls (see screenshot below), among other obstacles. The whole idea is cool too, but there’s just no way to enjoy it all.

Rating: 8.5


Looks good. The tileset has been used nicely, with the flaming inferno being present everywhere. But then again. There’s just no way you could enjoy it while hasting through the level.

Rating: 7.2


Carrottus burns for whatever reason. You got to get over it using springs avoiding flying objects for no real reason either. Though it looks a bit like the rabbit apocalypse or something like that. No, there isn’t any kind of plot.

Rating: 5.0


Like I said before, this level would be better with less difficulty. The way it is now, it’s just insane. Also lacks a story.

Final Rating: 5.7, no download recommendation (unless you enjoy frustrating yourself)


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Review by Janus aka Jahari

5 Sep 2006, 18:45
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness70%


Eyecandy 3/5: The layers with lava were nice, but there wasn’t a whole lo of sprite layer scenery.

Gameplay 2/5: Frustrating. There was no real reward for the player completing an area.

Originality 4/5: This was an awsome concept except for the fact that’s a remake of the original. You’ve taught me some new tricks, and I had fun playing the level regardless.

Enemy placement 3/5: It was ok. Sometimes it was frustrating due to the sheer number of enemies.

Item placement 2/5: You didn’t reward the player a whole lot. I’d strongly recommend making the level longer and adding food next.

I’m not giving a rating since this was a remake, but I would definitely encourage people to download this…just for fun.

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RecommendedReview by OM2004

13 Sep 2006, 15:42
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings47 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness34%

This level is alot of fun, you have to rush thorugh hard situations without dieing. Which would be great for like a chase part of a story line.

The level was very hard, but I think the level is also fair to a point. If you would beable to see the springs coming by when your about to jump off a cliff, that would make the game much better. Still I wouldn’t mark off too many points for it, this is SUPPOSE to be hard! If you don’t like a challenge then don’t play it!

The backround is arwsome, the lava flow looks great, the back pic. gives the level a great tone, plus it matches the tone of the music, welldone. But the biggest problem i had with the background was the carrots that would pop out of the lava, they look like you can land on them when you can’t, you should eather A: get rid of them, or B: have it where you can land on them but they will callops.

Ture there isn’t a story line, and because of that you should make it into a Race, then a Signle Player.

Overall, I liked this level, the idea is great, and what u did with the belts was very cool. I recommen downloading this level not just to have a fun game, but to learn how to do more with your custom levels.

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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

6 Sep 2006, 11:50 (edited 20 Sep 06, 13:29)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

I have JUST finished this and I got one word to say about this: FRUSTRATING!


EYECANDY: The pouring lava effects in the background are really cool but it’s hard to enjoy the Eyecandy when you’re focused on 4 VERY FAST moving springs. 7/10

GAMEPLAY: Interesting concept but it was very frustrating. The springs move VERY fast and you can’t stop for anything. I had to load about 10 times before I finished. 7/10

EVENTS: I loved the way the Belt Right/Left events are used to move the springs and the spikeballs. 9/10

DIFFICULTY: Probably the HARDEST level I have ever played, though it was frustrating. 9/10

PICKUPS: There’s some gems and Weapons along the way but you can’t stop to pick them ALL up. Very well placed. 9/10

ENEMIES: The enemies were a bit annoying especially when some of them were on the end of platforms and there was some annoying floating Dragons. 7/10

OBSTACLES: There was some destruct scenery which made it that much harder! 8/10

TOTAL: 54/70 (7.7142857142857142857142857142857)
Rounded to 7.7


Depends on whether you want to frustrate yourself or not.


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Review by Ðx

6 Sep 2006, 13:36
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

Whah, see the older version. It’s impossible. I finisht this level ten times or something.

Just stay focused!

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Review by Ischa

18 Sep 2006, 18:51 (edited 18 Sep 06, 19:19 by Cooba)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Rating Hot Springs

To start:
In this level the rabbits must made it come to the other side. But that is not easy, because everywhere is lava…

Rating Eyecandy-
It is splendid level. A pink context with splendid green thorns. Moreover the lava is also very beautiful with all that lavafalls…

Rating Difficulty-
The level is considerably difficult… the lava makes the level extremely difficult. The only helping things are Springs, but then still it is a considerable challenge, even for the experts of the Jazz JackRabbit-players…

Rating Story:*- N/A
No story, but if there is no story I give no score for this factor.

Rating Bonus Placement-
The bonusses are well placed. It are not too much and not too a less. I have nothing more to say about this factor.

Rating Gameplay-
Excellent gameplay. Jazz, Spaz and Lori must cover a with lava area by jumping from platform to platform. But you shouldn’t do is too slow, because you will miss the Springs and then you are lost.

Your mark is an 8 now.

  • After I’ve exit the level, I was a little bit sick (-0,2)
  • Bugs with the Springs (0,5)

It is a fair level. Nothing more to say. Maybe less lava next time?

[Textile display fix. Ignore me. ~Cooba]

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