Halloween 2006

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20 Oct 2006 at 20:26 (Minor update on 5 Aug 2009)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Example level by Bluespaz7. Music from http://www.platon42.de/halloween.html
Halloween06.zip (1.76 MB)

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h06.txt 0.27 kB 20 Oct 2006
h06.j2l Halloween 2006 2.89 kB 20 Oct 2006
Halloween06Day.j2t Haloween06Day 37.66 kB 20 Oct 2006
Halloween06Evening.j2t Halloween06Evening 37.62 kB 20 Oct 2006
Halloween06midnight.j2t Halloween06midnight 37.42 kB 20 Oct 2006
Halloween06Morning.j2t Halloween06Morning 37.50 kB 20 Oct 2006
Halloween06night.j2t Halloween06night 37.49 kB 20 Oct 2006
darkside.mod darkside_v6.0 795.04 kB 25 Sep 1999
fear.mod fear 214.61 kB 25 Sep 1999
Gates_of_Infinity.mod Gates of Infinity 313.14 kB 25 Sep 1999
midnight.mod midnight 422.63 kB 25 Sep 1999
TheStoryteller.mod The_Storyteller 598.58 kB 25 Sep 1999


This is my 3rd tileset. You can use one of 5 tileset versions and/or musics from this pack. Enjoy!


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RecommendedReview by Saphir

20 Oct 2006, 23:31
Frog (13 Points)
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A solid paintish tileset with a realistic halloween-theme.

Main Tiles: Most ground tiles are there. Not all combinations of ground types are possible (I mostly miss the 1*X tile platforms). There’s a textured BG; it looks good on 16 bit and only very slightly buggy on 8 bit mode. There is also a “layer 4 background”, although you’ll have to use layer 5 for it and it doesnt look that good. Vine, hook, and hurt events are there; the V-pole is missing, and so are the sucker tubes. Text and exit signs are here, and so are the arrows, in two shades of red which allows for animation.
Uh, and there are also some destruct blocks (or something), although these look pretty ugly.
->You can make levels with this tileset, although you can’t be too innovative with the tile placement.

Eyecandy: This tileset has a decent amount of eyecandy. While the tileset itself is city-themed, the halloween theme comes in here. There are pumkins, animated glowing carved pumpkins, gravestones, bones, weird shape monsters.. a neat layer 6 or 7 house background and a neat layer 6 or 7 weird-shaped-monster background. There’s also a house for layer 4. There’s rain, and colored tiles that allow for lightning.
-> A good amount of eyecandy for such a small set. Well done.

Extras: There are blocks with letters, which can be useful sometimes. There’s also a nice trigger door, but this has a major downside: there’s no part for it in layer 3, causing you to go in front of the whole door when you’ve finally unlocked it, looking pretty stupid.
There’s also a “happy halloween!” tile, which cheered me up somehow.
-Not that much, but at least some.

About the different versions: I probably liked the evening version best, it was the most Halloween-ish in my opinion. The night versions were a tiny bit too dark for my liking. Purplejazz7 has been smart enough to darken sprite colors too for them (actually the midnight version looks pretty neat if you make the texture BG fade into a bright color)

Overall: A good, slightly above average tileset. If this really is your third, you sure have potential. Keep up the good work. It could be improved on alot, but it still is nice (and probably better than anything I could manage)

(6.0+8.7+0.2)/2=7.55. +0.2 for the “feeling” in the set->7.75 rounded down to 7.7
D/L recommendation: Yes.

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