Lightning Strikes Higher Ground

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8 Nov 2006 at 20:59 (Minor update on 11 Nov 2006)

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Yasco for some debug

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empctflshg.j2l Lightning Strikes Higher Ground 12.41 kB 11 Nov 2006
Tube.j2t Tube Electric 72.95 kB 05 Sep 2006


This is one of my first ctf levels back in the day… It uses the “impossible to overrate” tubelectric tileset which is somewhat easy to work with and which came with the game itself, duh…

Anyhow, since I haven’t used this tileset in a long time, I thought it was about time for me to do so, so here’s a remake of the original LSHG which was one of my most underrated levels…



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Review by Arti

18 Nov 2006, 16:06 (edited 20 Nov 06, 20:51)
Frog (24 Points)
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Gameplay: Alright, the layout is very easy to learn. It’s almost symmetrical, the only differences are a wall and the bottom middle. That’s good, but the flow is very bad. You have to jump to get over 1-tile high things, since there are no floatups. Almost all springs you run over throw you into a wall and the suckertube at 62.40 doesn’t even work properly if you hold shift (it throws you… into a wall.) Some of these could just been fixed with a few one ways like the tiles at 71.43 and 80.29. Also, the places right and left bottom, with the PU’s need float ups in my opinion.

The springs look like they have been placed with only one direction in mind (like left or right) and only been tested that way. Springs: 54.50, 24.33, 66.51.

Also, you could add red springs to 61.12 and 52.12, maybe it adds to the flow. The Layout is good, but the flow and everything just ruins it.

Weapons: Could be a lot more, like at places around 56.25. This is just lacking, and the level would just have too little ammo for even 2vs2’s.

There DO exist good things :P You have lots of space to run around in, so plenty to dodge attacks.

Eyecandy: Uh, yeah. Hardly anything. The yellow with red bricks is a little, but not too pretty. Lots of tilebugs here, like half yellow bricks and then suddenly red bricks. No real minus points though. The main point is that there’s very little background use, just some of those wires and stuff and a standard background.

Bugs: Springs, float-ups, crashing into walls, missing oneways… that’s all. All gameplay related. It justs… bleh. Get more betatesters next time.

Comment overall level: The layout is nice, but the way the level is made just sucks. Also, there is no music. This level just looks like you didn’t put any work into finishing/tidying it up. You can do way better than this.

I’m not into levels where you don’t need to jump, but it still is sad that you have to jump for a 2 tile high thing.

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Review by The Emperor

19 Nov 2006, 19:18
CTF Bug (4 Points)
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Thank you for your opinion.

Putting aside the float-ups and the “crashing into walls”, your review made some sense…
Although you can hardly call the stuff at the bottom of the level “tilebugs”, for they are hardly noticable, don’t affect gameplay and shouldn’t bother anyone…

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