Que Ramik Man (Pezdance)

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22 Nov 2006 at 00:32

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Danyjel (More uploads by Danyjel)

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danyjel-song12mix.it Que Ramik Man (Pezdance) 1751.58 kB 22 Nov 2006


listen in modplug tracker, modplug player or xmplayer (I MEAN IT), enjoy.


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Review by ZAPPER

8 Dec 2006, 20:09 (edited 23 Dec 06, 21:05)
Frog (16 Points)
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A music review… Never done one before…

This is an interesting song with a suspenseful beginning. It has a very good beat,and has some nice repetition. The instrument choice kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy, but also of Mechawarrior or James Bond. One or more of the instruments seemed to be a choir. Surprisingly it fit in. Overall, kinda dark, but still has a slight appeal.

Unfortunatly, a few things were less than perfect. Some parts of rhythms overlapped, in a bad way. It didn’t really fit. There was also too much repetition at a few parts, and sometimes it just doesn’t feel right (“xylophone” 10 times is too much. There was a a strange use of what felt like “James Bond” but was also felt deep. These feelings conflicted.

Overall: 6
An okay song, but I wouldn’t really want to hear it as I kill lizards and turtles.

Download Reccomendation: I can’t say, because it depends for what. Listening? No. Shoot-em-up level? No. Something like Cracco Land of Golden Coins? Maybe.

NOTE: Updated to follow rules and suggestions of Fquist. Sorry ‘bout that.

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RecommendedReview by Crusader

9 Dec 2006, 15:56
Bee Boy Swarm (27 Points)
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Well, looks to me like a nice techno… rave…stringy song. Sounds quite rhythmic and good at the beginning.


As we get further into the song, we lose a few instruments, and by 12 we get an opening into what i think is an intermission or something. I wouldnt quite say i like this part because the synthbass and the bells were wayoff from eachother. Maybe setting the bells at a different transpose or something would work better. After that, we get into a core segment of the song with nice square bass samples playing in a rhythmic tone. This is good because they play fluently with the ear. The bells come back in, souning not quite as off tune as before but then start going berserk…:P

Sounds kinda strage but cool in a way.


The samples used in this tune were a good selection because they all tie in with eachother quite nicely. I like the square strings and the synthbass sample

I think this was a good song to listen to over all. A dit of a different or unique song from what I have heard.

(+)Melodies used
(+)Good beat and rhythm
(-)Sounding offtune at about 14
(-)A bit repetative at times

Download Recommendation:

Sure if you are into scary dark techno:P

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