Forest by Mickey

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24 Feb 2007 at 18:44

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mickej (More uploads by mickej)
mickey (level); Blade (tileset)

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ForestMickey.j2l ForestMickey 3.51 kB 24 Feb 2007
Forest.j2t Forest 121.96 kB 30 Aug 2001
Static.j2b static universe 757.71 kB 15 Jul 2001


My good level. Is super.


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Not recommendedReview by PurpleJazz

25 Feb 2007, 18:14 (edited 25 Feb 07, 18:16 by Purplejazz7)
Spaz Slackrabbit (106 Points)
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You completely overrated this Kax…

Eyecandy in this level is the worst possible for this tileset, it is just dull, and it doesn’t even tile in most places. The background isn’t even textured, and there is barely anything in the background layers, and you can only see them at the bottom of the level. Like I said before, there are tile bugs everywhere. And that’s not the tileset’s fault. Forest is quite easy to tile in my opinion. Usally with levels with this tileset you would ignore the tilebugs, but this level is tiled so bad in most places that you get put of the second you see them.
Just a couple of bushes/trees/flowers on the ground isn’t enough EC. The cave on the right hand side of the level could use more detail too. In most places, there is just plain, untextured sky with nothing else.

The Gameplay is very poor. The level is linear to the max. There are about 6 dead ends, some which could of been avoided easily. Ammo is extremly sparce, most of it is on the right hand side. There I found 5 +15 seeker ammo boxes! You can’t even carry that much, so it’s overdone. Two seeker boxes would be better. Also you should never use Ice in battle. To make this fact even worse, there is not one, but TWO Ice Power ups at the bottom of the level, right next to each other! At the bottom right there is a Water shield. Don’t use shields in battle either, someone could just camp there and pwn anyone who got close. The turrets on the right where pointless too, because they only face right, so it is impossible to actually hit someone with it.


  • It could be much worse


  • It’s still pretty bad anyway

This level has quite a lot of tile bugs and eventing problems. Try and learn from your mistakes you made in this level. You will improve then trust me.

No Download recommendation.

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Not recommendedReview by ThunderPX

25 Feb 2007, 18:54
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness12%

Okay, let’s start.

The level is very small and littered with dead ends, which is a big no-no for battle levels- especially the one where you have to Super-Jump or Double-Jump out of, which takes away from the time you could be spending shooting other players. There are also a few annoying times where it looks as though you can keep going, but the opening is actually too small- that’s actually a graphical problem, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Anyway, the ammo placement isn’t too bright either, such as five boxes in a row, leading to a giant amount of ammo nobody can carry (and a huge amount of lag if they’re all opened.) There are also a lot of Electroblasters in the level, which don’t have any use here since the level is very open.

First of all, there is NOTHING on any layer but the obligatory 4 and 8, which makes the background very bland-looking. There are also a lot of annoying tilebugs, such as the holes in the wall near the starting point which are very ugly-looking, and the floating platforms using the wrong tiles.
This is coupled with a lot of useless stuff such as a spike pit in the ground and a flashing lock in the wall, which, to be honest, looks as though the creator of this level was still experimenting and not at all ready to release a level.
Then, there is the biggest fault of all- The ground just ends in mid-air. The walls on the edge of the level are very thin too. This makes it look as though everything is just floating in the air and fails to immerse the player in the level. At least the walls were tiled properly, unlike the ground, which just ends suddenly, giving the level a very unfinished look.

Final notes: I would have given this level somewhat higher, but Kax’s rating is much, much too high, and I don’t want to give people the impression this level is actually good.

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RecommendedReview by TheKax

25 Feb 2007, 16:52
CTF Bug (8 Points)
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LEVEL 10/20
Nice level, but we don’t know what is this? I think its battle. You could tell that. If the zip contains a music and battle, it is battle, not multiple.
Simple layout and things… And, the level could be a bit larger.

No eyecandy errors, other than strange lock-thing in the wall. Good, but there could be more layer stuff.

So and so… Good battle. Needs something more… By the way, music is quite large file.

BUGS 20/20
No bugs. Good job!

Pickups are nicely scattered around this arena. I think, the shield (There is only one, wich is good thing.) is too easy to reach.

TOTAL 79/100
A nice battle.


lack in layer stuff
Bit small

Points over 75:

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