Grand Hotel 4

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1 Mar 2007 at 21:43

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HatebreedMF (More uploads by HatebreedMF)
Custom / Concept
Tileset help from Zombi and I has stolen a big picture from another tileset sorry =/

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Read-me-Hotel4.txt 1.00 kB 01 Feb 2007
Zhotel4.j2l Grand Hotel 4 42.18 kB 02 Feb 2007
Hotel4.j2t Hotel4 97.38 kB 21 Nov 2004
Tigress.xm The Tigress (c) AKA 408.39 kB 07 Sep 1998


Not the best tileset but I think its quiet the best Hotel ever (im arrogant ;P)

This is not a norma, boring hotel!

If you play it on multiplayer-mode:
You can view all, and have fun, and there are some useres rooms.

You have to get to the 9th floor (its your mission) but you must pass tricky parts.

I give you some tips:
1. Go to Reception (EG) and take the key nr. 64
2. In the room #64 take one TNT and use it in the Swimmingpool (UG)

HF! ur breed…


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

Recommendedmartin.mysak007 rated 9.7

good tileset!

[Review changed to quick review. – Cooba]

Recommendedspazzy765 rated 7.7

I am really stuck on the part where you don’t know what the key is for can some
one PRETTY PLEASE help me (with sugar
on top) do u know what the key is for!?!?!?!?

I would give it a rate of 8 if i could just find out what the key is for!?

MilloCz rated 6.5

It is not bad hotel.But too much used “B” and it uses a bit crappy tileset.
PS:Martin Mysak rate every bad level by 8 or 9 …

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.4

RecommendedReview by DennisKainz

5 Mar 2007, 12:20 (edited 7 Mar 07, 10:28 by I AM A DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE PLEASE CALL THE POLICE IF YOU SEE ME)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness31%


This level helped me forget a problem of mine. There is a lot of fun! I was so happy when I plaid. The puzzles were great. The hotel eyecandy, puzzles, objects etcetera were excellent. THey are also placed very well. Player has a personal room. There are many places and floor. The minnigolf has a good function when the honorchip is taken. The swimming pool reminds me good days of my life. If this hotel really existed, I would love to pass my holiday here. All comforts. Enemies were difficult, but possible to destroy. The only bad thing was the coins maze, the red one. Moving through rooms was fun. The secrets and puzzles remind me Tomb Raider levels, but this hotel is better. Sorry if I don’t tell every single detail. I’m shy.

Rating: 9
D/R: Super. Give this more than 1000 downloads!

[Unsupported rating (9) removal. I loathe removing this rating, but I think it’s warranted. The review gives many details, but little that can be said to determine wether the rating should be high or low. Why was the eye candy great? What makes this hotel almost perfect? If it’s almost perfect, what is it that makes the gameplay, eyecandy, etc, perfect? Can it be improved a lot?

This review seems to be subjective based on a great experience. It is great that you have had such an experience, and that makes this level a good thing for you, but the rating should not be based upon it. – FQuist]

Ok. The eyecandy is good because it makes it look like a real hotel and makes me want to play it. The puzzles take a bit of time and make me think how to complete them. They’re good logic. The ammo are used well because if I have got them it makes the fight with the guardians easier. The minnigolf is a fun game. Tripping into rooms is original. Environments are realistic and make me seem to be really there. Plus taking the stairs and elevator makes it look 3d. The only annoying thing is the one to take the coins. If the review is not yet good enough, LET SOMEONE ELSE GIVE GOOD RATINGS TO THIS LEVEL!

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