A Small Town

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10 Jul 2007 at 14:30

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Typhoon Bunny (More uploads by Typhoon Bunny)
Single player
Level by Typhoon Bunny.

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smalltown.j2l A Little Town 6.40 kB 10 Jul 2007
Boss2.j2b Jazz Boss tune 1 191.00 kB 14 Jul 1998
Nemesis.j2b nemesis 254.97 kB 24 Jan 2000
Smalltown.doc 292.50 kB 10 Jul 2007
Town2-image.png 206.31 kB 10 Jul 2007


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Review by Skeletonspaz

10 Jul 2007, 14:42 (edited 19 Jul 07, 20:36 by Cooba)
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Good level Typhoon Bunny, the Eyecandy is good but it’s a bit short.

There aren’t a lot of gems but there are a lot of enemies!

I think it’s a good work.

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Review by SPAZ18

30 Jul 2007, 23:02 (edited 31 Jul 07, 09:50)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
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It’s not bad, but the eyecandy isn’t that great.


Eyecandy is OK, but it can be better. The level could really use a background in Layers 6 & 7. The Sewers area looked it a bit repetitiveas all I could see down there were loads of bricks. There aren’t any tilebugs. The buildings look nice but as I mentioned it would look better with the Layer 6 & 7 backgrounds. The Exit and Boss Arena looked weird. It looked as if the buildings were floating in the air and it looked empty at the bottom.
Overall, OK eyecandy but can be improved.



The level was too linear in my opinion. It was mostly just running to the right and picking up all the various items you come across. You then shoot therough some RF Blocks in order to access the Boss Arena.
There is nothing much else to do here other than find the 20 Coins to get to a Bonus Area which contains 4 Blue Gems and then you blow your way through Bouncer, Seeker, RF, TNT and “4,3,2,1” blocks to get to an area with LOTS of Super Gems and more Blue & Purple Gems. Also here, is a Lightning Shield which would then make the Boss too easy.
Overall, Gameplay is not that great.



At the start of the level, you are greeted by a GIANT PYRAMID of pickups including Burgers, Freezer Ammo and Seeker ammo. Finding Seekers too early would then make it all too easy. As you go through the level there are 20 Coins to find as I mentioned in Gameplay. There is a “Food” and “Candy” shop.
There is enough food to get a Sugar Rush but it is placed in very large clusters. Most of the items are placed in the Square & Rectangular forms which may look boring to some players.
Overall, item placement is not that great.



There are enough enemies to kill me. Placement is OK but some can just be jumped over. There are lots of enemies in the Sewer but since they can be killed in one shot all you do is run to the right and keep shooting. With Spaz/Lori you could just side kick through the enemies.
There are some obstacles but they are not that hard to get through. There isn’t any Trigger Crate/Zone puzzles so the level is a bit easy.


OVERALL SCORE: 5 + 5 + 3 + 5 = 18/40 = 4.5/10


1. No tilebugs.
2. Decent eyecandy.
3. Enough enemies to kill the player.
4. 20 Coins to find


1. Repetitive eyecandy in Sewers
2. Exit and Boss Arena look weird.
3. Some places look empty.
4. Seekers found too early.
5. Too much food found in one place.


Normally I’d give no DR if the rating is under 5.0 but as this is your first level, I’ll just leave it as N/A.

RANK: F = Not good

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Review by moody

25 Jul 2007, 21:24 (edited 26 Jul 07, 04:33 by Violet CLM)
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