Battle with viruses!

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10 Sep 2007 at 15:49

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Krinya (More uploads by Krinya)
Single player
Um....Only me, and the JJ3 music creators! See last level for more.

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bwvpack.ZIP (303.62 kB)

File contents

bwvpack-boss.j2l Virus Generator Controller 4.23 kB 02 Sep 2007
bwvpack-credits.j2l Credits 2.08 kB 02 Sep 2007
bwvpack-lvl1.j2l (Kill the) Defense! 3.49 kB 02 Sep 2007
bwvpack-lvl2.j2l Virus Bin 3.70 kB 02 Sep 2007
bwvpack-lvl3.j2l Virus Generator 4.13 kB 02 Sep 2007
Hoteldream.j2t Hotel Dream 139.29 kB 06 Jan 2002
Tube.j2t Tube Electric 72.94 kB 13 Mar 2007
TubeNite.j2t Tube Electric Night 72.66 kB 06 Jan 1999


Before I start the description: The JJ3 music is not warez or anything illegal, because everyone can freely and legally download from a link in the J2O.

So, this is a small levelpack, with a boss, and a credits level. I think something with the pack(too small? because I do than in one day), and…um…download it!
If you see bugs, write it into a rewiew.
You can download the music here.
The music is too big! :)


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Quick Reviews Average: 3.4

DarkB rated 4.0

Average lvl.

Shrooblord rated N/A

I ca`nt even see the levels, there`s an password at jcs AND when i want to test them, it gives an Access Violation straight away…so, i ca`nt really say anything more, and that sucks…

[Rating (1) clearance. Do not rate an upload if you don’t know what it is like. ~cooba]

Not recommendedTyphoon Bunny rated 2.7


User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 2.4

Not recommendedReview by sonicnathan 1

11 Sep 2007, 02:20 (edited 11 Sep 07, 03:09)
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings99 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness70%

One note. DON“T include tilesets that come with Jazz 2. That’s poison to people like me.

Note: There is little to no story so I’m not even going to talk about it.


Sorry but this just doesn’t cut it. All the levels look very identical. (minus the pallet changes and level layout) The levels look empty and the background is noting I’ve not seen before. There were these weird pieces of floor in the background and foreground that move faster than Jazz. It was confusing and had no reason to be there. (other than covering some useless things like an arrow that serves no reason for exictance and hiding baddie’s with is unfair and anowing.) Plus most of the levels were made up of about 20 tiles out of the whole tileset. (That is sarcastic but if looks that way. There’s no veryity.) It’s also worth noting that the level has a lot of useless animations in it. Lots that make no sense. Also the speakers have tile bugs in them and have a weird animations that looks bad.


Level 1:

Boring. There’s some puzzle elements but there all to simple to solve. (20 seconds at the most.) The level was only about 2 minutes and theres this survival thing with a fast regenerating Full Energy carrot making it to easy. (As if it’s not easy enough as it is.) Also at the end you have 2 choices to make to get to the end. ! is to take on tons of turtles but there so close together hitting one of them kills them all because of there shells. The other one is a showdown with a robot but the robot doesn’t even activate and you can go underneath him to the exit. Also you can fall of the end of the level. Meaning you have to restart the level to continue playing.

Enemy placement:
Couple on enemies. Almost impossible to die because of to little enemy’s. At the survival area theres 3 rats the respawn. You can stand at 1 corner and just keep shooting to win. Next question.

Pickup placement:
Carrots: There’s a couple of carrots but there’s so little enemys that they have almost no use. Also regenerating carrot in the survival area re-spawns to quickly.
Ammo: # sticks of TNT. That’s it.


Level 2:

Go to the left, fall down into a pit of enemies covered up by the foreground, got though some opening and closing gates, end of level. About 2 minutes. At the gates if you hold right you’ll take damage but you’ll get to the end.

Enemy placement:
Some enemies at the bottom of the level that makes is so you always get hurt. Also makes is hard to get past the gates without getting hit.

Total: 1/10

Pickup Placement:
No items!

Level 3:
Run to the right shooting re-spawning turtles. All you need do is run to the right while constantly pressing the fire button. About 7 seconds long.

Enemy placement:
Re-spawning turtles on a straight path. That’s it.

Pickup Placement:
No items again.

Total: 0/10

Some re-spawning toaster ammo and a a robot boss. noting special.

Final rank: F
Total 6/40
DR? No.

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Not recommendedReview by SPAZ18

14 Sep 2007, 19:25 (edited 17 Sep 07, 12:22)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Hmmm, interesting concept but the Eyecandy and gameplay lets it down. 302 downloads in the last 4 days? :O


The background has a strange animation in the speakers which does look weird. The foregrounds used were interesting but they obstruct the view of where you are supposed to go and I couldn’t see most of the enemies in Level 2. A lot of the space in each of the levels look empty.



The objective here is to destroy the viruses (enemies) that you will come across.

I will review the Gameplay for each of the 4 levels (one at a time) including the Boss.


The first thing you do is to go through a Sucker Tube that changes direction but is too easy to get through. Next you’re in a maze of Sucker Tubes but there is an annoying bug here. You can end up getting stuck by going too fast in the tube and you will keep going around in circles until you hold down that Shift key and keep going left.

After the Sucker Tube maze you are in a room where you have to keep shooting rats until the way out opens up. The Full NRG carrot placed re-generates too quickly making this part of the level too easy.

After getting through the rats you have a choice of two routes. One will take you to an area of 15 Normal Turtles which are easy to kill due to the fact that the shells will kill EVERYTHING. The other route is to go through a Robot which doesn’t activate or try to attack you. All you have to do is run under it.
Once you get pass the enemies you move on to the exit to Level 2.

All these puzzles were too easy overall. Also, it is possible to fall off the level.



Here, you start off the level by going left through a cool sucker tube. Then you end up on the floor with lots of enemies which you can’t see due to the obstructing foreground. Here you just run right to the exit on to Level 3.



There is hardly any gameplay in this level. All you do is just run right shooting the many Normal Turtles that appear until you reach the exit to the Boss Level.



All you do here is keep shooting a Robot Boss with the very fast re-generating Toaster ammo. Also, the +1 Carrot re-generates too quickly.
After beating the boss, you move on to the credits level which has no exit. But I won’t review this level as I feel there isn’t any point.




There is hardly any pickups in any of these levels. No food can be found anywhere. There is some useless TNT by the Robot in Level 1.
There are also some Carrots which re-generate making the levels too easy.
There is some re-generating Toaster Ammo as I mentioned before in the Boss level.



The enemies are too easy to get through. Placement is poor in Level 2 as you cannot see where they are.



Aside from the the changing Sucker Tube and the Sucker Tube Maze there isn’t many other obstacles.
There is the wall that you have to get through by shooting severall rats.
There is no destruct or buttstomp scenery.
There are the doors that you run through on Level 2.
However, all these obstacles are too easy to get through.


OVERALL SCORE: (13 / 7) = 1.8571428571428571428571428571429


The text events used here are cool. I liked the one after you defeat the boss. +0.1



The only redeeming feature in this pack are the cool text events but other than that the pack isn’t that great.
I cannot recommend this level pack for download, but don’t let that put you off making levels, Krinya. Keep trying and it may turn out great. :)

EDIT: Grammar correction :P

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Not recommendedReview by TheKax

14 Sep 2007, 16:00
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

Well, lets start out with a fact:
The levels were very short.
Every level was too ease.

The virus bin was annoying, because of the large enemy group. Putting many enemies in a little place is not very fun.

Quality is more important than quanity, but it’d be good to have something to play.

Well, what could we say, the layer wich moved with the player was cool, but there was nothing new. Totally black one would have been better.

On the other hand, there wasn’t muvh eyecandy to see. I didn’t see any tilebugs, but still it looked quite empty. Not good.

It well it is quite buggy, you are able to fall of the level or get stuck in suck.

Too much enemies in too small area.
Try to improve it.

BUGS 4/20
You can’t leave the suckertube in one of the levels.
It is possible to fall of the level.

There’s not much to say here, There actually was no pickups except the tnts.


3,2 points.
No Download recommendation.

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Review by Grytolle

11 Sep 2007, 12:38
Bee Boy Swarm (28 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness73%

I always remove all levels when I install jj2, including their tilesets, so it’s a good thing that you include them just in case. Don’t listen to him.

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