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8 Dec 2007 at 12:08

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DoubleGJ (More uploads by DoubleGJ)
Original Tubelectric theme by Robert A. Allen, also contains melodies from Alexander Brandon's JJ2 remix. Contains portions of Limp Bizkit's "Behind Blue Eyes" (The Who cover) and Linkin Park's "H! Vltg3", as remixed by Evidence, featuring Pharaohe Monch and DJ Babu.

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You looks download.htm Download "Tubepileptic" by DoubleGJ 0.76 kB 08 Dec 2007


I needed to take a break from remixing JJA stuff, especially because this one was lying around for months and I really wanted to finish it. Originally I even hoped I could somehow contact ElectroPiZZa to collaborate with him as Two Piece Squirrel but, as expected, chances are zero or something like that.

Anyway, this is a very weird remix of Tubelectric. As it was remixed countless times before, I wanted to make a remix that would REALLY stand out. The result is a mad, distorted, and heavy-beated track, with tons of disturbing effects and powerful tempo. Hence the name.

As I really wanted to give you something today, on my birthday, I was sitting ‘till 3AM over it yesterday (or should I count it as today already?) so I strongly hope you will like it. Also, check out the JCF, in a few minutes I’m going to post some more stuff on Art Forum in there.


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Quick Reviews Average: 5.9

Not recommendedFawFul rated 4.0

a bit harsh on my ears =( i can\‘t follow the rhytm good.. =S
some parts are nice though but i dont like all the sounds of instruments.. but i give an 4.5 because u changed much and its an real conversion :D

well.. i think i shouldnt give an download recommendation.. maybe next time..


Aegis rated 7.7

The lead should have had more attack (as in adsr), the guitars don’t really fit the song at all, and the breakbeat is just boring. Otherwise kind of interesting.


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Not recommendedReview by Stijn

9 Dec 2007, 12:26 (edited 9 Dec 07, 13:12 by Fl@$h aka BlewMeUp)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (458 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings283 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness87%

Happy Birthday.

The remix starts with some non-distinct electrical noise which I can’t make much of. Then the beat slowly starts kicking in, but the electrical noise does not disappear, giving the whole a quite chaotic feeling, which I don’t really like. Having a bassline throughout the whole tune is not a bad thing usually, but when you try the same with whatever it is that is played throughout the whole song now the result is just… noisy.

Around 2:10 there’s a break where the noise fades away for the first time, which is nice, and the song turns into some breakbeatish rhythm with distorted voice samples mixed on top of it, and it becomes a lot more apparant that this is actually a remix of Tubelectric. This part was pretty cool, however again that atrocious noise can be heard in the background, which really turns me off.

The Tubelectric theme is repeated a few times, though remixed in such a way that it indeed sounds like how the author described it, distorded. It sounds slightly out of tune and a bit too distorded for me to like though. The high-pitched blips that copy the same pattern are a lot more appealing to me.

All in all this is a chaotic mishmash which fails to stay coherent or ear-pleasing, to me. There are some nice ideas in it, such as the vocal samples and the high-pitched blippy Tubelectric theme, but overall it has too many annoying parts for me to like this or consider playing it again.

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Review by ThunderPX

8 Dec 2007, 15:20
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness12%

@FawfulCC: Christ man, music is for listening. Try listening to it.

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Review by DoubleGJ

9 Dec 2007, 17:00
Turtle Goon (81 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings73 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness73%

Ah, right. I forgot to mention, the weird sound that follows almost through the whole track is the heavily modified “Are you ready?!” voice sample from the JJ2 version.

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Review by Joseph Collins

10 Mar 2009, 16:56
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings75 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness62%

Personal Request: Find somewhere to host your tunes. Seriously. I always seem to want your music REAL late in the game. So late, in fact, that your upload places have already removed the files in-question! D:

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