Holly Jolly Holiday

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24 Dec 2007 at 12:22 (Minor update on 24 Sep 2010)

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Ischa (More uploads by Ischa)
Epic MegaGames

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xr.j2l Holly Jolly Holiday 6.84 kB 24 Dec 2007
Xmas2.j2t Holiday Hare 98 Night 224.48 kB 25 Oct 1998
Remixmas.j2b The ReMiXMAS 173.51 kB 27 Jan 1999


Just a race-level through the mountains. Run five rounds through the snow and finish in first place!

This pack contains:
  • a brand new Race-level
  • background music
  • obstacles
  • ammo to hinder your opponent
  • a hidden message
  • and so much more!

Download it today! Have fun with it! And do not forget to leave a rating!



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Not recommendedReview by Stijn

24 Dec 2007, 17:32
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (454 Points)
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Dashin’ through the snow in this level the first thing I noticed was the fairly plain eyecandy. It’s not that bad, and there aren’t a lot of tilebugs, but it doesn’t really stand out or anything either and could use a LOT of work. Try adding more decoration, the tileset could have been used a lot better: for example, I spotted only one (1) tree during my whole runthrough.

The level has to be hosted in Race mode, as there is no trigger mechanism to make it work in Treasure (which is what Race is usually hosted in these days). As you need an external launcher to host online in Race mode I’d recommend you to use the trigger system thing next time.

Now, for the racing itself, it’s quite straightforward and the laps are rather short. TNT and freezer are there, but no ammo apart from that. There are rougly three kinds of obstacles: randomly scattered blocks, blocks that appear and disappear following a certain pattern, and warps that take you back a bit. None of those are really hard to avoid or get through (I’d say they are a bit too easy even). The last warp obstacle for example is covered with blocks which actually make it a challenge to fall into the warps, while it should be a challenge not to fall in them.

All in all, this level lacks creativity in most aspects: it’s small, doesn’t have any interesting obstacles, it has rather bland eyecandy and lacks a fun factor. To the author’s I’d recommend trying to be a bit more original next time: try some eyecandy tricks, go nuts with the obstacles, whatever, anything to make it more interesting than this :)

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