Area 51 reloaded

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27 Dec 2007 at 11:00

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darkb1990 (More uploads by darkb1990)
Single player
lvl by DarkB,tileset by ???

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Area 51.j2l Untitled 9.60 kB 27 Dec 2007


This is a Area 51 reloaded …
It has in it anothers tricks ….
thats it try it … :P
Almost ive forget to say when the password screen appear dont write there nothing only click “OK”.


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RecommendedReview by n00b

27 Dec 2007, 19:27
Spaz Slackrabbit (165 Points)
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Area 51 reloaded is presumably a second edition of a level I have never played. This level feels less like a level and more like a tech demo of all the nifty stuff you can do with SCEs, MCEs, and the like. Pretty much, this is a bunch of example levels tied into one. There is no real goal to speak of, though the level occasionally hampers your progress. Why it insists on doing this is beyond me since this level is more about fiddling with destruct tiles and watching things such as a random seeker blowing up a crate. The lack of music also makes this level feel like a tech demo, though some ambient sci-fi esque tunes could have really helped set a tone.

There really isn’t much to review here as there isn’t much to play as a regular level this ultimately fails for being far too linear and dull despite the occasional obstacles. As a tech demo it slightly falters from having everything on display aready done years ago, though it may be interesting and awe-inspiring to new players. The eyecandy is standard Mez01 fare, but really from this type of level what more can you expect?

I’m giving this level a download recommendation but soley if you’re a new player who has no idea what SCEs or MCEs are and have not been to the J2O article section or JCSref. I can’t really rate the level but since its merely so-so at being both single player and a tech demo a 5 will suffice.

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Review by TheKax

4 Jan 2008, 15:33 (edited 4 Jan 08, 15:33)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
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The password isn’t empty, I didn’t write in anything and clicked OK, then came the wrong password error.

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