Diamond Rainbow

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24 Mar 2008 at 00:03

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Doubble Dutch (More uploads by Doubble Dutch)
JJ1 Level
diaomond.zip (53.09 kB)

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LEVEL0.000 DIAMONDUS LEVEL ONE 32.07 kB 15 Mar 2008
BLOCKS.000 140.54 kB 23 Mar 2008


This is yet another Diamondus level by me; something for a bit of fun and experimenting. The level itself has two different paths depending on difficulty and I edited the tileset slightly to test out a few things. It will overwrite your default files, so back them up first.

Yes it’s trivial, simple and short, but it’s more a proof-of-concept than anything.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.6

RecommendedViolet CLM rated 7.1

“It will overwrite your default files, so back them up first.” Use JSwapper! :D

DD takes the rainbow background from the Xion is Wrong edit and runs with it, brightening up other aspects of the tileset, changing colors, etc. It looks pretty, if could use maybe a few more caves. The design is complex, if nothing revolutionary. Support JJ1!

RecommendedNewspaz rated 8.0

I love the lava like waterfalls. And the background sure gives it a nice twist. You should look into this if you want to see something different in Jazz1.
The level seems to be some really strange edit of the first Jazz1 level. Although it is hardly recognizable.

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RecommendedReview by HorvatM

11 Apr 2008, 19:18
Frog (14 Points)
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Wow, I’m impressed that someone actually uploaded a JJ1 level. I had one in progress too, but it wasn’t finished. (I actually made it because I accidentally deleted the first level of Technoir – send it to me via electronic mail if you can)

Long live the Diamondus bees and turtles! Doubble Dutch also outfitted them with brand new golden shells, so they look like they came from the Battleships. Nice. However, there are far more turtles than there are bees, so shooting gets a little boring after a while.

In spirit of JJ1, the player gets more weapons than he or she needs. Better many than nothing. Unfortunately, there is more ammo for Toaster than there is for any other weapon.

The modified Diamondus tileset is used really well, as far as JJ1 allows. The background is very groovy, and so are the lava waterfalls. The robot from One Must Fall also takes place in this level.

What would be a level without secrets? Those who read the JJ1 manual will feel like at home – if you come across a dead end, shoot it! Actually, I was rather disappointed at the end of the level, because the level was fun and I wanted more. Fortunately, I discovered a secret which brought me another extra minute of gameplay.

I was somewhat surprised by the hole at the start of the level, and it made me lose one life. A similar thing happened later, after I shot a checkpoint. There is a bug in JJ1 which makes you lose two lives if you fall to the bottom of the level after you shot a checkpoint. The level was also hard, like most JJ1 levels. This is probably caused by the lower resolution and more enemies. Fortunately, you have plenty of Toaster ammo available.

Final Rating: 8.0
Download Recommendation: Of course!
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