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XLMBoss_1.j2l Boss 1 2.47 kB 24 Mar 2008
XLMBoss_2.j2l Boss 2 3.10 kB 23 Mar 2008
XLMBoss_3.j2l Boss 3 4.11 kB 23 Mar 2008
XLMBoss_4.j2l Boss 4 2.21 kB 24 Mar 2008
XLMBoss_5.j2l Boss 5 3.14 kB 24 Mar 2008
XLMBoss_6.j2l Boss 6 2.59 kB 24 Mar 2008
XLMBoss_7.j2l Boss 7 3.14 kB 24 Mar 2008
XLMBoss_8.j2l Final Boss 2.66 kB 24 Mar 2008


I made 8 levels wich contain only a boss. Not just a easy simply jj2 boss. Every level has it own tactic to defeat the boss.

Well have fun..

REUPLOAD: Oeps, missed level 1.


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Quick Reviews Average: 1.2333333333333

Not recommendedBluespaz7 rated 1

Like, wtf? Why did you make this?! This is just 8 similar bosses all in really frustrating arenas that take all the fun out of fighting the bosses. More effort next time, please.


Not recommendedTahget rated 1.7

wow, they’re really hard. the only one i’ve managed to make through is the one with bolly, and that’s because I’ve first destroyed all spikes. this pack is really, really too hard. I don’t mind the lack of eyecandy though (it’s a practice level, they don’t need eyecandy)

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$killer cz rated 1

No-no…MAN! Its pack is not good! Its only BOSS levels…AND its too easy levels! I can’t rate you NORMAL state!

Download Recomendation—-NO!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 1.85

Not recommendedReview by cooba

25 Mar 2008, 13:58 (edited 1 Apr 08, 11:54)
Carrot Juice Addict (332 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews33 Average helpfulness86%

This pack was predictable like no other. In half of the total 8 boss combats, Tuf Bosses are put out of player’s reach to back up the otherwise weak boss. That way of making a boss harder is older than I remember, probably dating back to Violet’s TTJJ2 pack (precisely, its final level). Old or not, it’s okay if done right, but six Tuf Bosses at once in the first level definitely isn’t right.

Tuf Bosses aside, these levels are filled with other hazards, mostly spikes and respawning enemies (more annoying cliches), spike balls and smoke rings to a lesser extent. None of those are affected by difficulty settings for some reason or another, which is unacceptable.

Some (unfortunately, not all) of the levels seem to have the general idea behind, which is hindered by the lacking execution. The penultimate level (which I like the most because it doesn’t have Tuf Bosses) becomes the easiest once you figure it out – which is a shame.

There’s not much else that can be said about this. I did not mention the visual aspects because this pack is apparently devoid of those. These levels are repetitive, frustrating, and don’t seem to have taken more than 5 minutes to make, each. If you say that 5 minutes is too less, then ask yourself if these levels were at all tested.

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Not recommendedReview by Ischa

29 Mar 2008, 15:05 (edited 4 Apr 08, 13:33)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Rating Bosses

To start:
I thought it was a Boss fight training, but when I encountered the first Boss, I think everyone who uses this pack as a Boss fight training is ill.

Eyecandy: (20 pts)
The Eyecandy is fair, however all of the levels are set in the castle. I think it was better if you have chosen eight different tilesets for all levels. I think if you have chosen eight different tilesets, I would give you more of the twenty possible points. But in the fifth level you used a pretty good Castle Eyecandy with those moving platforms. And in the second Boss level there are flying springs. I don’t see this very often. So I think it’s a bad fair gameplay, but you can do better!
Result: 7 pts

Gameplay: (20 pts)
BAAAAAAAD. There are eight ‘Boss-fights’, but I think it are eight ‘Boss Tortures’, because it is almost impossible to kill one of the eight Bosses. In each level Tuf Bosses are hidden behind the wall (so they are out of player’s reach). Maybe it was better if you have used one or two Tuf Bosses, and NO MORE than three! You have used at least SIX Tuf Bosses and that’s the reason why the Bosses are almost impossible to kill.
Result: 0 pts

Story: (10 pts)
There is no story. So this factor does not count for your final rating.
Result: N/A

Obstacle placement: (20 pts)
Very-very bad. There are too many Tuf Bosses, but apart from them, there are also respawning enemies, smoke rings, Spike Balls and loads of spikes. And you can guess it: MUCH-MUCH-MUCH TOO MANY OF THEM!
Result: 0 pts

Bonus placement: (10 pts)
No bonuses, but you really needs them, because without carrots it is impossible to kill the Bosses! So once again no points.
Result: 0 pts

You do not need arenas with Tuf Bosses in it to make a Boss harder. For example, download this level.
And if you want to create a… well… nontraditional Boss, download these examples.
And also my friend Gus uses nontraditional Bosses, so please download those packs.
Check them out and then try again.

Total points: 7
Maximum number of points: 80-10(story)= 70
Calculating: 7÷70×9+1= 1,9
Mark: 1,9
Download recommendation:

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Review by Vegito

25 Mar 2008, 23:17
Frog (10 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness66%

Bah, don’t rate something which was considered as fun training.
It is fun to beat the bosses the ways Dx thought up to beat them. It wasn’t for eyecandy or something. Seriously, if you bash this so much, I’d say this is as boring as the JJ2 SP challenges Valco thought up. I am not gonna bash those either, so get rid of these levels if you’re gonna rate them for eyecandy or sth. They’re fun ;\. OR rather, they’re as frustrating as the SP challenges however these are shorter than the challenges :).
Sorry if it sounds like a Personal Attack, wasn’t mean like that. I just make my point clear>: [

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Not recommendedReview by sonicnathan 1

31 Mar 2008, 16:49 (edited 12 May 09, 00:04)
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings99 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness70%

My god. If you want to have fun with hard bosses, this is it. This is harder then trying to beat Jazz 2 without getting hit, on hard, with only blaster, and only 20 enemies defeated!

Wow. did you even try? No this is bad. just a couple of castle blocks put together to make the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t stand the eyecandey.
You may think that this may be fun but no. the bosses are impossible. You got dragons, vines, spikes, and tuff bosses in one little arena making it look like a room of torture. The bosses are impossible to defeat without JJGOD enabled. Even if this for a joke, tit’s not funny.
AH! No enough. You WILL be using your blaster the most and with all those enemies, you might as well write out your will right now.
EVIL! The room is trying to kill you. You won’t live!

Final score: 4/10
Score: 1
Rank: F
DR? what do you think?

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Review by SPAZ18

1 Apr 2008, 18:04
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

I could only manage to beat the first boss level but the other 7 are well… FAR TOO HARD!

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Review by CrimiClown

25 Mar 2008, 14:27 (edited 25 Mar 08, 14:28)
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

Ran out of ideas, Ðx? I remember making the exact same without Tuff Bosses four years ago, if not more.

Edit: Okay, it was three years ago.

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Review by master sven

26 Mar 2008, 07:43
Spaz Slackrabbit (121 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness59%

To prevent these reviews, just don’t allow it to be rated.

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Review by Ðx

25 Mar 2008, 14:07 (edited 25 Mar 08, 15:08)
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

Well Cooba, it actually took more then 5 minutes ;).

It was not tested, and it was more for fun.


Heee CrimiClown, nope these are new one’s xD

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