Emerald Forest CTF

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12 Apr 2008 at 23:05 (Minor update on 12 Apr 2008)

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emforestctf.zip (812.61 kB)

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jimbobemforestctf.j2l Emerald Forest 7.88 kB 12 Apr 2008
jimbobemforestevectf.j2l Emerald Forest Evening 7.89 kB 12 Apr 2008
SwampsE.j2t Swamps Evening 196.33 kB 11 Nov 2001
SwampsN.j2t Swamps Night 195.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
aws_cave.xm "Into the Caveworld" 826.77 kB 09 Feb 2008
mikko56.s3m Jungle attack 177.54 kB 30 Mar 1997


I think this is my best level BY FAR. When I was hosting it online today, I found it was very fun and it appears nobody found any bugs. Also, for any of you guys who might hate how dark it is in the original, I have included an Evening version of the level. Anyways, have fun playing and reviewing this level!
…P.S. For those of you who think the music does not fit cough Birdie cough please use the /changemusic function in JJ2+.


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RecommendedReview by Puffie40

19 Apr 2008, 13:26 (edited 19 Apr 08, 13:29)
Frog (16 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness69%

While I am not a heavy CTF player, I believe these are pretty good levels.

Emerald Forest gives you two versions of the same level: Evening and night. I will talk about them both in general.

The layout is symmetrical for both bases (Some might like this point in a CTF game – Others may not), with a central “Gateway” between the two. The level is easy to navigate. Once I got used to the level , I never felt lost.

Eyecandy is good, with lots of places for the eye to wander. The rain is a nice touch, and it add atmosphere to the level.

I think birdie is somewhat right about the music selection for one level. The first Emerald Forest (aws_Cave.xm) made the first level very enjoyable and completed the atmosphere of the level, which was at night. The evening level (mikko56.s3m) Seemed to lack the atmosphere, and not fit the mood created in the first level.

Overall, I liked the level, and think this would make a decent CTF for any server. Recommended.

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Review by cooba

23 Apr 2008, 20:16 (edited 23 Apr 08, 20:17)
Carrot Juice Addict (326 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness85%

“Those of you who think the music does not fit” are usually right and you should listen to people’s advice rather than point them the door out.

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