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9 May 2008 at 15:33

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kubanowygrudzien2poangielsku.j2l Wonder Tube - Paulanoulus 18.61 kB 09 May 2008


This is one of my best levels. I please for comments and ratings. A lot of fun! :)


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Review by LittleFreak

14 May 2008, 15:42 (edited 14 May 08, 15:48)
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
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The tubelectric tileset again. Starts to get boring. While this level is less confusing than “Strange”, it still shows the author’s quite chaotic style. It’s more linear and has less useless stuff, though some things still made me wonder. For example, at one point, the light suddenly goes out for no reason, making you hop around in the dark for a while only for it to suddenly get bright again.

You still stomp some crates and kill stuff, and while the winding corridors remain, there’s a main path that will sooner or later lead the player to the exit. There are some crate and weapon puzzles, but overall the level wasn’t very hard. The problem is that the enemies just aren’t placed very well, they never surprise you or attack in a place they’re hard to get back at. The puzzles have been done before a lot and are easy to figure out. That makes the level pretty easy to beat and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to finish it in a few minutes.

Overall, the level is better than it’s predecessor, but it’s still nothing more than average. The eyecandy is bland and uninspired, the gameplay has a few ideas, though none of them are particularly new (freeze springs to get through, use weapon 9 to hit a bomb crate behind a wall and destroy a trigger crate with it,…). The level isn’t a challenge either, and beside the nonsensical and often pretty profane text strings, which are still there (see screenshot), has nothing that makes it stand out.

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