Bob's DOM pack, Volume 1

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30 Aug 2008 at 18:53 (Minor update on 29 Sep 2008)

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DOMpack.txt 0.02 kB 29 Aug 2008
DOM1.j2l Pedistal 3.42 kB 29 Aug 2008
DOM2.j2l Cage Rage 2.74 kB 29 Aug 2008
DOM3.j2l Daemons Eye 3.80 kB 29 Aug 2008
Desolation03.j2t Desolation 03 148.72 kB 05 Aug 2007
Waz18.j2t Dark Reign (waz18) 51.71 kB 08 Aug 2004
WTFBorealis.j2t WTF - Borealis 231.46 kB 29 Feb 2008
Mech8.s3m mechanism eight - necros/ 730.08 kB 18 Feb 2008
panic2.s3m Panic 528.89 kB 19 Mar 2007


FIXED the zip name. should dl now.

This is my first of hopefully many DOM packs to be released. It contains 3 maps:

Cage Rage: a small map with a cage in the center and 1 control point. Good for smaller games such as 2on2 DOM

Pedistal: 3 metal Towers suspended over an endless pit. 4 control points, my fav of the pack

Daemons Eye: A medieval tower with smaller shrines, and portals to the dark daemons lair. 5 conmtrol points, better for much larger matches.


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Review by Nonomu198

3 Sep 2008, 16:53
CTF Bug (1 Points)
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No 1.23 support. Crusher meh server :(

Add 1.23 support!

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RecommendedReview by PT32

14 Sep 2008, 05:16
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Okay, so here we have some pretty sweet stuff. As Bob said, 3 levels, 3 sets, 3 songs [one is a default song], and all of them fairly well done. Pedistal is basically 3 metallic towers, with a deathpit beneath them. This gives it the sort of feel Sector Probe 68-A conveyed. Cage Rage was an industrial/fighting kind of level, with control points inside of boxing ring-like structures. The flipside of this was that once you were inside the cage, there was no leaving until you died. Daemon’s Eye was a castle level, with points inside the castle. Overall, eyecandy was good, music good, tiles good, minimal bugs, but the pack seemed a bit short. Maybe include more levels next time? I dunno. So anyway, I will give you a 8.6!

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