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31 Aug 2008 at 10:52

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Custom / Concept
EpicMegaGames for tileset and my bro for Creating the level

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Great!.txt 0.10 kB 31 Aug 2008
Great!.j2l Too much monsters 4.89 kB 31 Aug 2008
Easter99.j2t Easter99 201.33 kB 27 Jan 1999


a fun but mesy level


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Bad Level This is full errors… :S The level with mistakes

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Review by darkyb

2 Sep 2008, 08:24
CTF Bug (4 Points)
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Well lets review this lvl.
The eyecandy is very bad, the tiles dont fit eachother.The animations are very wrong maked.That flowers from start must make the animations a bit slow, well thats the only animation in this lvl.
As i see you used only layer 8, in a good lvl you must use more layers to give to lvl a good texture.
Or make that sky moving or do something.
Ammo/Guns placement
There are no ammo in this lvl at all, u must put some weapons to be a bit easyer.
Other envents placement
There are to much pickups in this lvl.
U dont need that much at all.
As far i have see you placed some savepoints in lvl, thats good, but the lvl is still very hard without cheating.
Carrots placement
There are some carrots but this wont help to much you still will die.
Also the text’s are not good, u must put “@” in the text.
Enemy placement
There are too much enemy in this lvl, some of them dont fit with the tileset used like those:Floating suckers, Demons and Crabs..
Just delete some of these enemyes to make the lvl playable.This is to hard to finish with soo much enemyes.
The gameplay is not that good with all those enemyes.
I get stucked many times in this tiles that not fit eachother.
Those lvl might be played if we have a nuclear bomb to destroy all.
I find in lvl many bugs to much to enumerate..
Download recomandation: Well no
You must improve you lvl making.Just stay and practice in JCS.
I dont rate this lvl at all.

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