[DOM] Lost Onyx

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6 Sep 2008 at 22:24 (Minor update on 28 Sep 2008)

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CrimiClown (More uploads by CrimiClown)
Custom / Concept
Everyone I love <3
lostonyx.zip (809.43 kB)

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cconyx.j2l Lost Onyx 5.83 kB 06 Sep 2008
xlmdamn7.j2t Damn + Water 225.41 kB 25 Dec 2006
wargate.s3m Wargate 806.07 kB 25 Oct 2000


I’ve always wanted to use the Damn + tilesets and now I finally found a good cause with the least probable pallette. Have fun.

This DOMINATION level requires JJ2+ to run


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.2

RecommendedDAEMON rated 7.5

this not bad level I like for me
the tileset good
it music to it appropriate
and the level good !!!NICE WORK!!! :)
now present this “dominating” everybody to this does levels and the others are neglected this does not like… but this new mod not bad I like him :)

RecommendedJimbob rated 6.8

Well, this isn’t the best level, but it’s definitely not the worst.
Because of its small size, however, it can get pretty boring after a while. It’s still worth a download if you want something to host for a few minutes.
Oh, yeah, and eyecandy is great. +1 for that.

RecommendedDanZeal rated 7.2

Nice good looking dom map.
I´m not a big fan of water.
But it´s fun anyway.
It´s makeing the map a litte diffrent then the other dom maps at the moment.
And i think the size is good when using this much water.
Good music selection!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.9

Review by PT32

12 Sep 2008, 23:06
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Well, this is a pretty good level. Not the best I’ve ever seen, but good anyway. Lots of layered walls in the bg, a border around the scren in lyr 1, okay weapon placement, this has the markings of a map for a 5-minute game. This is because of its small size, and its humdrum eyecandy [too little too far spread]. If you could go and fix the details up a bit, that’d be excellent. Increase the size a bit, touch up here and there, and this level will be great! I leave it to the reader to decide on whether or not to dl this.

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