Seaside Sunrise

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11 Dec 2008 at 00:01 (Minor update on 12 Dec 2008)

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minmay (More uploads by minmay)
Me. And, uh, probably Moonblaze for the tileset.
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minseasun.j2l Seaside Sunrise 4.99 kB 11 Dec 2008
minseasunL.j2l Seaside Sunrise L 4.68 kB 11 Dec 2008
Mystic Isle 2.j2t Mystic Isle 2 61.02 kB 26 Jul 2007 Greenland 981.49 kB 06 Apr 2007


I’m finally coming out of stealth mode to release this level.

Now, there’s no delicate way to put this: the other levels I’ve uploaded were absolutely terrible. And they still are absolutely terrible. But it’s been a few years now. And what better way to celebrate my 14th birthday than to make a level?

Anyway, a few things you should know about this level:

-Two versions are included. minseasun.j2l is the level in all its glory. minseasunL.j2l is the level with all but one of the hooks removed. The hooks (actually they use the Vine event, but I insist on calling them hooks because it makes more sense) are scattered throughout the level, and they are mainly for eyecandy purposes, although in my opinion they have quite a nice effect on the gameplay. However, I am confident that some people will just find them annoying, and as such I include the second version. (The hook that has not been removed is very important because the level would be even more Spaz-biased without its presence.)

-This level has had absolutely NO multiplayer testing (just like my other levels, heh). This is because nobody’s playing right now and releasing this after my birthday would kind of defeat the purpose. Sorry.

-At least one person will think this is a clone of Pearl Shell-Shore despite the fact that the only thing in common is the tileset. It’s not even the same GAMETYPE, people!

-It looks okay in 8-bit, but the water looks awful and the title makes no sense. Play it in 16-bit if you can. If you play it using Low Detail, I hate you.

-If you don’t want to download an extra few kilobytes, a version with no music can be found at

-This level doesn’t use layers 5, 1, or 2, and wouldn’t use layer 3 if not for the coin warp. I wanted to use layer 5 so that I could use the cave tiles (and just have more eyecandy versatility, period), but because layer 5’s speeds control layer 8, and layer 8 looks bad flying past at supersonic speeds, I decided to pass.

-My upload speed is really slow. Gah.

-The website messed up my crisp, beautiful, compressed PNG images. They’re now all fuzzy. You should be able to decipher what’s in them, though.
(edit: Oh, that’s just it blurring them because they’re not approved yet. Heh, I really need to sharpen my knowledge of J2O.)

UPDATE: Fixed the coin warp. Very important. I hate that spring now.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Fixed the “Next level” setting. I feel very incompetent now. Of course, since this probably won’t be played alone, it’s not THAT important.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Removed the space in the zip file name. Ohhh. Sneaky.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.2

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 7.2

A solid, but generic battle level with a cool background and a decent layout. The placement was generally good, but I felt that the hooks were unnecessary and just got in the way a bit instead of helping out the gameplay. I agree that getting 100 coins just for a 15 second Fire Shield is too much. The eyecandy felt quite basic, but not empty.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9

RecommendedReview by Tedi

28 Dec 2008, 21:18 (edited 28 Dec 08, 21:21)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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Level is well made
Background is pretty good,mountains and layer 8 too is good.
Ammo is well spreaded and battle arena is very creatively made.Music Is pretty good for the style of the level.Environment of the level is good.
But the warp for 100 coins,i think its a little to expensive for just a fire shield.I d reccomend 50 coins,because 100 is too expensive.It Took me minutes to gather that much coins.
On total,its a 9.0 and i d recomend this level for people that like battle levels.

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