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11 Dec 2008 at 22:24 (Minor update on 11 Dec 2008)

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Tube Universal.j2l Tube Universal 5.05 kB 10 Dec 2008 Green Target 1359.22 kB 10 Dec 2008


I just busted open Jazz 2 the other day for old time’s sake, and I made this level. It’s a rather small map, but I tried to make the game play interesting. I included capabilities for the map to be played as CTF, race, treasure, and of course battle. Hope you guys like it. I also hope I get back into Jazz 2 again, because I loved it for a good while in my childhood. So you may see more maps from me in the future.

(The warp for race is located at the end of the leftmost tube. It requires either some tricky maneuvering—which can be rather time consuming if failed repeatedly—or the completion of a sequence of events within the level to allow access to the bottom right, where easier access to the left tube can be gained. Once access to the bottom right is gained, the infiltrator can decide whether or not to stomp the trigger crate and slightly modify the level to make it easier for anyone to access the bottom right from then on out.

There are also a few deceptive tile areas, but hopefully not overdone. Feedback will be appreciated.)

P.S.: This is the third time I’ve tried uploading this, but this is also the most complete my upload has been. It includes the song this time. I’m not sure if the submissions pend review before showing up on the site or what, so I hope I’m not being repetitive here.

Anyway, enjoy—if it works this time.


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Not recommendedReview by PT32

17 Dec 2008, 19:48 (edited 17 Dec 08, 19:49)
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
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Interesting level. It is a level with CTF bases, super red gems, a tricky and confusing race, and battle possibilities all rolled up into one. Unfortunately, this makes the level a bit cramped, as evident when played.
There’s one whole quarter of the map I haven’t even figured out how to GET TO yet
The pipes can be annoying, esp. if you are trying to pinpoint one to enter.
Eyecandy is classic, not very original.
I wish…..I wish…..I wish you would fix these things up.
I’m afraid I’ll have to hand out a no-dl citation, because it simply is too crazy to conceive playing on. Hope you can fix it, and look forward to seeing a better version!

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