Fight in Flight

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1 Jan 2009 at 14:24

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FightinFlight.j2l Fight in Flight 5.49 kB 01 Jan 2009
FightinFlight2.j2l Fight in Flight 2 5.27 kB 01 Jan 2009
FightinFlight2Jump.j2l Fight in Flight 2 5.47 kB 01 Jan 2009
FightinFlightSwim.j2l Fight in Flight 5.47 kB 01 Jan 2009
Odyssey02.j2t Odyssey 02 120.02 kB 19 Mar 2007
WinterlandW.j2t Winterland Wonder 182.37 kB 30 May 2002
jumping.xm Jumping Cow & Pig's 93.40 kB 28 Jan 2001
sex.xm underwater sex.i.c. 582.24 kB 09 Nov 2000
Bubble Bobble.mod the funky bubble 71.21 kB 29 Mar 1998


Yo. This is kind of a concept pair of levels. They’re made to be played entirely on airboards. The first map is really weird. The second one is (slightly less interesting but) more playable, in my opinion. I included the first ‘cause I think it might be somewhat interesting. There are also alternate versions of each level—a jumping level for one and a swimming level for the other—both of which I think actually turned out better than their airboard-based counterparts.

Feedback is appreciated.


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Review by PT32

1 Jan 2009, 19:47 (edited 1 Jan 09, 22:49)
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
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Well, how’s about the first official review of 2009?

To start off, the name of the one song kind of set me off [sex.xm—the song title is “underwater sexual intercourse”. !!!???!!!]. I didn’t like that, maybe rename it?
Now for the levels themselves.
Fight In Flight 1 is a very interesting level. You fly around on a CTF map with hoverboards. The layout was a bit annoying, as most/all the powerups and weapons were inside the walls, and there were WAAAY too many fastfires scattered around the level. The concept was very good though, I was originally making one of these myself but stopped in lieu of other projects. There is also an alternate version of this that has springs, which is nice for those who really don’t like hoverboard combat.
Fight in Flight 2 is also interesting. It utilizes one of the concepts I first introduced in my battles [the textured bg being used as fog], but one of them wasn’t made translucent. The mountain isn’t as far down as should be, and this level is just a symmetrical copy of….itself. Still the idea is great, the execution is mediocre, but the bird kind of confused me a little.
The next level is an exact copy of level 1, except that it is in the water. Very interesting, and points go for that concept.
So to sum up I’d like to say good job, and a neutral dl rec goeth to you, because I’m not quite sure which way to lean. Keep coming back with more, and importantly the most, get testers.

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