JJ2 - Stealing Gems Episode I

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24 Jan 2009 at 14:33

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Eragon86 (More uploads by Eragon86)
Single player

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Level1.j2l The jungle Dragons 14.16 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level10.j2l Highway II 2.76 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level11.j2l Highway III 2.88 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level12.j2l The castle of the dead 5.40 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level13.j2l The Fortress II 5.80 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level14.j2l The jungle and Dragon Lake 13.29 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level15.j2l The boss 2 2.02 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level16.j2l The City 7.84 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level17.j2l The house of water 5.32 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level18.j2l The port 6.79 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level19.j2l the ship sinks 2.95 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level2.j2l Super Mario Bros 7.25 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level20.j2l The port 2 7.66 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level21.j2l La casa del Boss 2.07 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level22.j2l The Tracks 4.84 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level23.j2l The Castle 5.06 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level24.j2l The jungle 11.65 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level25.j2l The boss 3 1.92 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level26.j2l The jungle 3.14 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level27.j2l The Space 2.74 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level28.j2l The City 5.51 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level29.j2l The palace 3.28 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level3.j2l The house's ghost 10.72 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level30.j2l The escape of the Boss! 5.49 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level31.j2l The boss 4 3.60 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level32.j2l The farmhouse 6.02 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level33.j2l Join the train! 3.80 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level34.j2l The train is flee!!! 3.56 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level35.j2l The train is flee!! 2 3.68 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level36.j2l The train is flee 3 3.58 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level37.j2l The train of Boss 2.86 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level38.j2l The jungle 5.86 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level39.j2l No Title 5.46 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level4.j2l The house's ghost 2 9.18 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level40.j2l The boss 5 3.76 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level41.j2l The tank 3.78 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level42.j2l The tank 2 3.62 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level43.j2l The tank 3 3.63 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level44.j2l The tank 4 3.39 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level45.j2l The tank of Boss 1.96 kB 02 Nov 2008
Level46.j2l The jungle of the tube 13.31 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level47.j2l The jungle of the tube 2 10.97 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level48.j2l The jungle of the tube 3 12.33 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level49.j2l The boss 6 3.83 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level5.j2l The jungle 7.06 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level50.j2l The radio electric 6.84 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level51.j2l The jungle of the night 7.62 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level52.j2l Get ammo 2.71 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level53.j2l The jungle of boss 3.10 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level54.j2l The city 3.25 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level55.j2l The roof 3.31 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level56.j2l Airport 3.67 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level57.j2l The Big Airplane 4.79 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level58.j2l The Big Airplane 2 4.55 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level59.j2l The Big Airplane 3 4.50 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level6.j2l The jungle of the blocks 8.72 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level60.j2l Final Boss 2.62 kB 03 Nov 2008
Level7.j2l The fortress 5.75 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level8.j2l The boss 1 2.06 kB 01 Nov 2008
Level9.j2l Highway I 2.99 kB 03 Nov 2008
A1Secretlevel1.j2l The Train - Secret Level 3.21 kB 01 Nov 2008
A1Secretlevel2.j2l Segret Highway! 2.99 kB 01 Nov 2008
A1Secretlevel3.j2l Segret Level - Bonus Gems 2.31 kB 01 Nov 2008
A1Secretlevel4.j2l Secret Level - The Bird 5.96 kB 01 Nov 2008
A1Secretlevel6.j2l Secret level - The jungle 11.36 kB 20 Dec 2008
JJ2A1.j2l JJ2 Episode I - Stealing Gems 1.36 kB 01 Nov 2008
CarrFixDiam.j2t Carrotus Fix Diamondus 233.41 kB 03 Feb 2007
Carrot1.j2t Carrottus 1 193.78 kB 06 Jan 1999
Carrot1N.j2t Carrottus 1 Night 194.46 kB 06 Jan 1999
ic-jparadiseE.j2t Jungle Paradise Eve 259.94 kB 10 Feb 2007


Welcome to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Single player mode!
>>>>> Stealing Gems Episode I <<<<<

> JJ2 version: TSF Only
> Fixed bugs levels
> Add tilesets beta
> 60 levels
> 5 secret levels

By Er4Gon[NC]


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Quick Reviews Average: 1.4

Not recommendedsonicnathan 1 rated 2.0

After the first 5 levels, I started too get bored and the levels got crappier. Too many pickups. Average pack. Can’t say a DR.

Edit: I sorry! I just got bored! the story made no sense and the level design got crappy when you started to only use the buttstomp and shot blocks! Sorry but I just like seeing more quality them quantity.

Not recommendedPT32 rated 1.2

This is pathetic. Endless repetitive levels, some with the same name 5-6 times, the same tilesets again and again, a bad concept of eventage, the only good thing I found was that it was playable and it was better than none. Please try a bit harder [its going to be fine with a lot of work. I’ve been working on mine for 2 years. It’ll get there]

Not recommendedPurpleJazz rated 1.0

Perfect example of how a pack of a few good levels is so much more enjoyable than a pack with several bad ones.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 1.1

Not recommendedReview by mortalspaz

13 Jul 2009, 16:40 (edited 13 Jul 09, 20:32)
Turtle Goon (70 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings43 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness76%

THESE levels got me CRAZY, the counter got crazy as well! I had 3 million and a half points 3504780!!!
I lost my temper here! All the JJ2 music is used on a single type of level: Carrotus.
I don’t recommend it! NEVER! Rating is 1! Because of the reasons above, the eyecandy is the worst i ever seen, most of the levels are in carrotus, the music!SKIP this one.. Gameplay is mediocre + having LOOTS and lots of ammo and GEMS! In my R1colony which will appear next…. i don’t think i’ll place too many gems!
Sugar rushes? OMG i don’t think there were 8 SR! I even lost the count of that too!At least 12!
And about music… White Hare in Carrotus? Dark groove in Carrotus, FunkyG,Hell Freezes Over, Castle, Jazz Be Damned? I was wondering if you made with City1g.it Easter, Haunted, Beach Bunny, Colony or Diamondus.

Sorry Cooba… I was just… stressed that’s all
[Please behave and don’t spam exclamation marks ~cooba]

4 of 4 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by FawFul

31 Jan 2009, 09:57
Turtle Goon (52 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings20 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness67%

poor him? i think he’s right. i sense a lot of plain layouts and tilebugs. all these maps look they’re done in like 1 hour. and not in weeks (like normally). of course i can’t say it’s a fact, but maybe your maps aren’t that good as you thought.

3 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by aritra1115

5 Dec 2010, 05:46 (edited 5 Jul 11, 06:28)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness22%

Okay i’m gonna write a better review instead.

The first level was much better
it had eyecandy some turtles and lizards
there were many dragons which were hidden
but there were too many of them.
I almost found millions of gems in this level.
Well other level could be good like the first one though.There are random musics chosen for each level like castle music in carrotus and all that.
There were many levels with buggy places.
Wow many buttstomp blocks and poles every where which look ugly.
The bosses were very hard to beat well JJINV was all I could do
There was many many powerups,fastfires,ammo,etc.
No chance of dying like that though.
Lol just found 1000 lizards in one level.

Lol the first level had eyecandy in small amounts but the other levels had many buggy areas and crapped up eyecandy.
Many levels used carrotus with repeated eyecandy all and on.Buttstomp blocks were created just randomly.
Some of epic’s levels were stolen like:
Tossed Salad.
Frog stomp.
They were just edited with some crapped up eyecandy.

Well here is what I have to say.

Well as everybody says quality not qua
So there were millions of gems and too many level this didn’t show up to be a good pack better luck next time.


1 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Arclite288

12 Apr 2011, 23:49
Frog (19 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness17%

Here we go again, someone with no clue what they’re doing…

What we have here is a swarm of badly made levels that all use tilesets and music that came with JJ2, any vehicles are very badly done with mere destruct blocks, the bosses are pathetically done, there’s nothing positive I can say about this, because I’d be lying if I did.

This pack is worthy of no more than a 1.5, anything more than 1.5 is overrating, and I’ve had enough trouble with that.

My advice, work on your skill before uploading anything else. It’s good practice.

1 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Eragon86

28 Jan 2009, 21:03
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness12%

sonicnathan 1, Omg 4.5? poor you

0 of 7 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

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