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2 Feb 2009 at 22:03 (Minor update on 29 Jul 2009)

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Olsen (More uploads by Olsen)
Capture the flag
Sacrush for the bricks in the clouds idea, yahoooo!
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Readme says what’s needed. Old level I decided to release. :)


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for gays ;)

[Rating (5.2) clearance. wat – cooba]

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4 Feb 2009, 12:00
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
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Olsen… Olsen… Rings a bell. It’s been a while, I remember you from back in the day… BrainFart and such. Good times. Well, I’ve seen the level, time to hand down my verdict.

Gameplay: Mediocre
Cloud Connected, a CTF level that takes place in the higher planes. The level is fairly small (101×64) and nearly symmetrical. It is nearly symmetrical since a route opens depending on which team you are. More on that later.

This level consists of a few platforms and a bottom. The bottom is very simple and simply leads back up through the use of a sucker tube. The platforms are nicely divided, though the flow in some places could be a lot better. For example, when arriving from any side at (51,38), you don’t wanna hold the arrow keys, ‘cause that’ll result in your undeniable downfall. I think it’d be better if you put some one-way floors in that ceiling you’ll bump into.

The bases are something else. First of all, the bases are on a little plateau, so when you just run into the base, you’ll find yourself missing the flag. Instead, a small well-timed jump should get you your precious flag. Then, on the way back, you’ll notice one thing. On your side of the level, there’s a gate that is closed on the other side. This is decided by triggers, depending your team choice. Behind this door, at the top of the level and not far from the flag, is a +1 carrot and a Bouncer PU. The carrot can be shot down if you, for whatever reason, want to make it accessible to the enemy. If the door is closed, The Bouncer Pu can also be acquired by using the Electro Blaster… or just going to your own side of the level.

Next to the carrots, there’s also a full NRG in one of the tubes in the middle of the level. There is one downside to this, since all tubes have a common exit. Therefore, it’s easy to predict where the enemy will end up. Thankfully, you can also (partially) heal at the private base, so that clears this problem quite well.

The level features two Bouncer PU’s (one for each base) and a Seeker PU with plenty of ammo to make sure you’ll keep on blasting. With this amount of carrots, that’s a good thing.

Atmosphere: So-so
The level uses the Dreamland tileset, which isn’t very rich in original tiles. In fact, it lacks quite a lot of tiles that should be included with such a ‘curvy’ tileset.

For example, Olsen makes use of some of the ‘cave’ tiles. These tiles are nice on their own, but they do not connect to any of the cloud tiles, which is the main ground for the level. This is a tileset design flaw, but it could have been helped by using layer 5. Unfortunately, Olsen has decided to use layer 5 for another batch of background clouds. Luckily, this looks very nice and hopefully distract you from the many tilebugs that are made using this ‘cave’ tile.

Olsen creatively uses translucency and brick tiles to add eyecandy to the walls, which are otherwise very bland. Using translucency to make the bricks pink is a really nice addition.

Overall: Okay
This level has a few minor design flaws concerning flow and predictability, but it’s very fun to play in nonetheless. If you can’t be bothered by a few little tilebugs, this level should be in your folder as of today.

Download Recommendation: Yes
The level is certainly fun and quite ideal for duels or 2vs2s. Try it.

Score: 7.3
It’s hard to judge a level like this, since it’s both fun and has those few minor flaws… Though, if you play this a few times, you’ll be sure to see that this level is actually quite fun to play in.

Frost a.k.a. CrimiClown

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