Muckamok mission (Big version)

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9 Feb 2009 at 19:46 (Minor update on 9 Feb 2009)

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jalo0 (More uploads by jalo0)
Single player
Haze (tilesets), Robert A. Allen (music)
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Muckamok 1.j2l Muckamok forever 6.20 kB 09 Feb 2009
Muckamok 2.j2l The Feather Valley 7.22 kB 09 Feb 2009
Muckamok 3.j2l Monkey terror 8.11 kB 09 Feb 2009
Muckamok 4.j2l Beeland 9.24 kB 06 Feb 2009
MuckamokDay.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Day 76.73 kB 24 Jan 2002
MuckamokNight.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Night 73.92 kB 24 Jan 2002
SONGCD2.s3m Muckamuk 80.38 kB 04 Apr 2004


OK, now i’ve made a larger single player pack about my previous “Muckamok mission”.
There is some bugs fixed and 2 more levels.
I hope you enjoy and rate this.


Zoonik II has turned Muckamok into the bad side. You must find him and take Muckamok back to the Carrotus kingdom.

Level descriptions:

First level: Muckamok forever

This level is quite the same that the other first level in my previous Muckamok mission.
In this level you must find coins enough to find the level exit. I think the caterpillar enemy annoys you…

Second level: The Feather valley

There is many birds in this level. Go through the zig-zag trees (Or whatever they are) and don’t fall into the green liquid, I think it is toxic. And watch out the falling rocks near the end.

Third level: Monkey terror

This level area is occupied by monkeys. Watch out for the bananas which they are throwing at you. There is also many rotating platforms and toxic on bottom.

Fourth level: Beeland

This is the home of all Muckamok’s bees (and Bee Boys). You need to aim hardly to kill them.
Watch out of the witch. She is destructable. When in frog, jump to Eva in top there. After Eva, fight Zoonik II and take Muckamok to the good side.

There is a lot of secrets. You can’t ever get them all. :D

I’m sorry about my poor english. Note that I’m sixteen (and I’m a finn) :|


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.5

fearofdark rated 7

It may be a bit easy, linear and lacking in eyecandy, but this pack will certainly keep you going for a while. Plus, it has an interesting plotline, uses a very wide variety of items and enemies and there are some coin search puzzles in there too.

It doesn’t stand out much, and could use a little more creativity, but so far, good effort.

Recommendedspazzy765 rated 8

Congrats u bagged a 8!!!
divide it all by 2(I know you don’t
want to
Oh i didn’t mention that it was out of five OOOPPS!
oh yeah type in numb linkin park on ur search engine THE SONG ROCKS!!!

[Review changed to quick review. The only content in this review was the number list 2 5 5 4, and the upload was barely discussed. – Violet CLM]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.4

Review by troglobite

10 Feb 2009, 05:24
Bee Boy Swarm (26 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness75%

jjlover001 has once again provided a fun single player pack, although once again has provided few major unique points.

Gameplay: 6/10
This is again a bit too easy. The carrots are somewhat more reasonable than jjlover’s previous pack, although there is still too much ammo, and the sheilds seem a bit unnessecary. Please don’t make the carrots generators though, and maybe make the enemies generators, especially in the parts of the levels that you have to visit multiple times due to triggers. A couple places also are just a bit akward. For example, a low ceiling with hurt events on the ground, or a place where you get chucked straight into some spikes automatically. The biggest problem here is the fact that there are so many lives and save points. Since events reappear whenever you die, a 1up anywhere near a savepoint means there’s practially no way to lose. However, the gameplay is consistantly nice, albeit easy. The events are placed well, although there are a few too many enemies. Since killing enemies can create events such as gems, carrots, or fastfires, having enemies in simple places can make the game easier, not harder. I like the fact that he chose fairly difficult enemies, such as monkeys and bees, as themes for his levels. When you do things like this, and add quality, no quantity when it comes to enemies, your levels can be quite fun. Hurts and rocks are also good, and jjlover did use these well. The gameplay could also be improved by adding unique stuff. The platforms place was kind of unique, although there were so many diffrent platforms that it was hard not to land on them. The catepilar was also a nice touch, although it did not effect any difficult sections of the level. The witch also was fairly neat. The End boss was also a bit of a let down, as I was able to kill it using only my blaster and not losing any health. Add a couple enemies in the final boss section, and maybe some spikes on the ground or something.

Eyecandy: 7/10
It’s good, but bland. The same tileset is used throughout the entire set, which begins to feel a bit monotonous by the end, although it’s not too bad because it gives a unified feel to the set. Biggest place that could be improved here is reason. The platforms are frequently just floating in the air, and there are a few sucker tubes in the middle of nowhere. If you can make it so the platforms look like part of the environment that naturally occured, and belongs where it is, it will look a lot more impressive than if the platform seems to be there for the sole purpose of gameplay.

Buglessness: 5/5
I encountered no problems. Only comment here is that gun 2 can be shot through walls if you run fast enough, so its possible to get some power-ups, birds, or shields without figuring out the actual secret. There are ways to prevent this, which you should be able to find if you look around other people’s levels.

Notes: I like that there is somewhat of a plot, although it would be much more interesting if you developed it more, instead of just saying, go here, fight this bad guy. Anyway, far too many people don’t even try adding a plot, which can make playing through the levels somewhat pointless. Your english is fine.

Overall: 18/25

Keep up the good work. Your level are quite nice, and if you add any kind of unique features, you could become a truly great level maker.

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RecommendedReview by Cobra NF

18 Sep 2009, 23:32
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness9%

nie work yall…here is my review…


eyecandy is very good!


well-placed,but for some reason…why did u put enemies in the walls?


BG was really good…it really fit the lvls.




nice for a single player lvl


Boss was great with the lvls


layers were good i liked the stuff u put in layer 3 and layer 5


Very good for the lvls.



well this was a fun review…i hope to do it again sometime bye…[cooldude,exit,stage both ways]

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