Death in the Sahara

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21 Feb 2009 at 23:03 (Minor update on 21 Feb 2009)

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SR iR (More uploads by SR iR)
Capture the flag
Thanks for Fox, Robee, Slayer, Vivando, Czech and his Republic - They were testers. Thanks for my mother and teacher, also for Barack Obama and Kaczyński Brothers!
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DitS.j2l Death in the Sahara 4.97 kB 31 Dec 2008
Oasis.j2t Oasis 121.78 kB 06 Dec 2002
psychode.xm psycho desert 960.17 kB 15 May 2000


Napoleon iR’s lvl. He doesn’t know what j2o is so I had to upload it =) Small ctf lvl with 2 full c, 2 pus: bouncy and seek. Preferably used for duels or 2vs2 otherwise it will be too chaotic. Download Now!


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.5

Superjazz rated 7.3

A very small level, that works for small games though, of course. Probably 2vs2 rather(which I played once here), since there are two full nrg’s. There’s sort of a major imbalance problem though. While red base is easily campable, blue base is just really unsafe. As well, blue team can reach Powerups faster. Eyecandy is your average one. Try it?

FawFul rated 7.5

sorry i am not really in the mood for a proper review for this size of level :P the level is quite small.. good for duels i guess. this is balanced in a special way, unbalancingness fills itself up with easy things for teams. quite fun. but the placement.. i mean.. 2 Carrots and 2 Power ups (seeks) is a bit too chaos. and lack of good def red Base.

RecommendedN0 R3sp3ct rated 8.0

This is good level! Congrats, Napo.

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

PT32 rated 7.0

Just a question here, but what could Barack Obama have really done to help you with your level? I didn’t know he even played JJ2…
Nice level though. Cool eyecandy, nice layout, good eventage, worth a DL at least.

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Review by master sven

25 Feb 2009, 09:17
Spaz Slackrabbit (124 Points)
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