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23 Feb 2009 at 19:59

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Bartek93 (More uploads by Bartek93)
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ReadMe.txt 0.27 kB 23 Feb 2009
Boneland.j2l Boneland 2.26 kB 23 Feb 2009
Boneland.j2t setol 21.53 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen1.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen10.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen2.bmp 751.93 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen3.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen4.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen5.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen6.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen7.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen8.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009
screen9.bmp 750.05 kB 23 Feb 2009


My second tileset.

Its made in MS Paint, but its much better than the first tileset ;) Have fun with it :)


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.7

CarrotusCastle rated 9.7

This is good. =) I can’t do tilesets =(

[Review changed to quick review. ~cooba]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.7

Review by Bartek93

23 Feb 2009, 22:17
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

i cant use this on my other pc too, i think its because i change the name form te tileset change “Boneland” to “setol”

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Review by troglobite

24 Feb 2009, 06:26
Bee Boy Swarm (26 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness74%

The tileset can be opened easily with 1.24’s JCS under the name setol, although the example level is saved in such a way that it tries to open the tileset with the old name, and crashes. The example level also has no Jazz start, so by clicking save and run, you get stuck in a wall when you spawn. However, this upload is about the tileset, not the example level, so it will not be included in the rating.

Eyecandy: 5/10
What this set has is quite nice looking. The massive amounts of pink and green could get boring pretty fast, but all of the skeletons and flowers look very nice. The set’s main problem is its small size. It has nothing at all for layers 1,2,5,6, or 7. Layer 8 does have several options, but a textured background would be a great addition. There is only one basic pink tile, that has been copied and drawn on, which makes walls a bit boring. Just having two or three of these that could be alternated would allow way more combinations. The other problem with the tileset is that it tends to be much too square. The edges of platforms are simply straight lines, and gives the level a very artificial feeling. Jagged tiles that could be used as walls and ceilings would allow a level maker to create a much more natural looking setting.

Usability: 8/10
The set is small and well organized, so any tile can be found with ease. Levels could be made quite quickly and easily with this set. The masks were good too. The most important types of tiles are here too. However, it does lack some potentially useful tiles, such as destruct tiles for other guns, and something to explain warping.

Originality: 7/10
I have not seen any other set with this concept before. However, none of the individual parts are that unique. Buried bones have appeared in tilesets before, as do flowers, grass, a tree, etc.

Contains readme and screenshots +1
ReadMe is named Readme, so it tries to overwrite Jazz’s standard readme. -1

Total Score: 20/30 = 66.7% = 6.7

The set is fairly nice, and proves that Bartek has the potential to create something amazing. However, I do not expect this particular tileset to be widely used.

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