MattW's 6 Level CTF pack

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21 Jun 2001 at 06:00

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MattW (More uploads by MattW)
Capture the flag
The creators of the music files and tilesets. I was the only one who created the levels though.

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Matt's CTF Document - MattW's CTF pack.txt 1.12 kB 21 Jun 2001
MattCTF01.j2l Night Power Plant CTF 1.56 kB 10 Jun 2001
MattCTF02.j2l The HPZ CTF 1.28 kB 10 Jun 2001
MattCTF03.j2l EleCTF 1.33 kB 10 Jun 2001
MattCTF04.j2l ChemJump 1.21 kB 17 Jun 2001
MattCTF05.j2l CellLocked 3.51 kB 18 Jun 2001
MattCTF06.j2l Swamped out CTF 1.30 kB 18 Jun 2001
j1Muckamo.j2t Jazz 1: Muckamo 22.49 kB 07 Dec 2000
Sonic HPZ.j2t Sonic HPZ 22.05 kB 06 Feb 1999 985.29 kB 22 Aug 1998
friends.xm Friends... 1277.79 kB 11 Apr 1999
2nd_pm.s3m UnreaL ][ / PM 586.78 kB 01 Jul 2000


A CTF pack that i made for enjoyment. (Note: The reason that the modified time bar shows 9:20 on MattCTF06 and 9:21 on MattCTF05 is because i had to edit the 5th level to change the next level.) Enjoy!


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 2.5

Review by Newspaz

Posted more than 19 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (140 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings132 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness68%

Let’s put it this way, I hope JCSRef, with the jcs tutorials will be soon up..

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Review by EvilMike

Posted more than 19 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings101 Featured reviews16 Average helpfulness84%

Instead of picking this apart bit by bit, which could scar you emotionally, I will be frank with this. Hey, I’m not in one of my nasty moods. Or maybie I just pity the poor quality of this pack.

None of these levels deserves more than a two. Matctf05 is the only level that I feel deserves more than a 1, so this pack gets 1.2. And that’s being generous.

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Review by Roseta

Posted more than 19 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

You are good at making tilesets. I think

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Review by aiko

Posted more than 19 years ago
I might as well work here (510 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings490 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness82%

“MattW’s 6 Level CTF pack” (stupid name, if you ask me) includes six CTF levels using two homecooked tilesets (namely “Jazz 1: Muckamo” and “Sonic HPZ”) and three custom music files (like, for example, Purple Motion’s stunning tune for FC’s 1993 [or was it 1992?] Megademo “Unreal”). The only Epic tilesets that were used are Tube Electric (three levels) and Castle (one level).

The design in nearly all of the levels is totally confusing (for example, invisible mazes in CTF levels don’t make too much sense). The eyecandy isn’t of high quality and i discovered a lot of minor detail problems like wrong speed of layers and so on. Furthermore, routes from base to base aren’t exactly balanced (actually its one of the worst CTF packs i’ve ever seen).
Some levels are also lacking a single player start event (makes it a pain to test them). The music didn’t fit too great either.

Really, i would be very thankful if some of you guys could stop spamming J2O with unfinished stuff like this. It is a massive waste of webspace. No need to download this pack (2.5 because it has custom tilesets, music and six levels).

Roseta, MattW didn’t make any of the tilesets included in this pack.[This review has been edited by Aiko]

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