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18 Mar 2009 at 16:41 (Minor update on 19 Mar 2009)

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xXLAZARUSXx (More uploads by xXLAZARUSXx)
Single player
me , thanks to Purplejazz7

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Halloween1.j2l Halloween1 2.68 kB 18 Mar 2009
Halloween06midnight.j2t Halloween06midnight 37.42 kB 27 Aug 2008
Halloween.j2e Halloween Nightmare 1.26 kB 18 Mar 2009
fear.mod fear 214.61 kB 25 Sep 1999


Just a level made by me , using jazz jackrabbit 2 secret files , song and tileset : Purplejazz7 , The level is small , if is good i will put whole pack of halloween levels …i also made with the level an jazz jackrabbit 2 episode named halloween … it is also my first upload and it has an episode file …


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Review by troglobite

19 Mar 2009, 03:48
Bee Boy Swarm (26 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness74%

An interesting little single player level.

Gameplay: 3/10
This level has a few enemies, but few enough that the level could be won mainly just by running and shooting. The only interesting point was that the lighting was set at a constant, dark, twighlight level. This made it quite challenging to see some of the enemies, but they were generally placed in obvious places. The only other complaint I have about gameplay, is some of the tiles were used inconsistently. You could walk through some little hills, but not all of them. This can be confusing, and should be avoided if possible.

Eye Candy: 6/10
This level had a great feel to it. The dark atmosphere with glowing pumkins was quite convincing. And when you stand in front of some tombstones, the ground drops out from under you, so you fall into a grave. This was a brilliant touch. However, the eyecandy also has some fairly significant flaws. The tileset itself is a bit simplistic. There are a few places where tombstones are used in layer 3, and when you walk behind them, your feet show through under them. Also, the messages on the “Text” squares are too high to easily read. I didn’t even notice the first message for a while. Try adding the @ symbol in the text string before the message a few times while editing the level.

It has an episode file: +.5
Lazarus didn’t mention “This is my first upload,” and wanted people to appreciate it for quality, not circumstance. +.5

Much too short: -2
(Make the level longer, or create a whole pack, and it will be much more enjoyable to play. As it is, it almost took longer extracting the files from the downloaded zip, making it feel like downloading wasn’t entirely worth it.)

Total: 8/20=40%=4/10

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Not recommendedReview by fearofdark

19 Mar 2009, 20:04
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

A Halloween themed level?? A little unseasonal don’t you think. However, that’s not really important, what is important is the review, so here goes:


You can’t really say that the eyecandy in this level ain’t interesting. The feel of the level is almost perfect for a halloween level. It was dark, the place is filled with haunted gravestones and evil-looking pumpkins. There is the odd light here and there to further set the tone.

There are a couple of problems, however. Although the level is dark, it is a little too dark to see anything else. Ok, perhaps the darkness makes it a bit more of a challenge but here, it is too dark to really see anything. My prediction is that you won’t be able to see the level at all on a bright day where the sun is shining onto the computer/mac/whatever screen. Also, you could have used more layers and there are some odd tile bugs around the level.


Here is where its starts to go completely wrong. Firstly, there are no challenges whatsoever in the level. No trigger crates or zones. There are no secrets whatsoever. The only thing remotely challenging in this level (apart from the dark) is perhaps the odd gate which you have to shoot, a couple of graves that you fall into and a few enemies. The level doesn’t only lack challenges, but it lacks items. Whilst scanning through this level through the JCS, I could only find 3 items, and all of them were carrots.

The cause of these problems is probably due to the level being too short. It isn’t lengthy enough to be considered a JJ2 Episode, and when you complete the level, I got the sense that it was incomplete.

DOWNLOAD?: I’m afraid not, and mainly because of the appauling gameplay of the level. Try making the levels longer and more challenging so that they are more fun.

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