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28 Mar 2009 at 21:14

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Márk NW!333 (More uploads by Márk NW!333)
Márk, Artem

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Banning.j2l Banning 2.99 kB 28 Mar 2009
Artemark1.j2t Artemark1 19.71 kB 28 Mar 2009
robric58.xm Fiori nel vento 376.85 kB 28 Mar 2009


This tileset created by Márk and Artem. The battle created by Márk.


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Quick Reviews Average: 3.8

Axu285 rated 5.0

I like it! xD
EDIT:Rating changed…

Not recommendedSPAZ18 rated 2.5

9.7 is completely overrated!
In the tileset, you will find tiles ripped from MEZ02, some poorly drawn signs, ugly text blocks and ugly red ground.
Very few animations can be made out of this set.
The background tiles look bad.
Apart from the MEZ02 tiles, the tileset was obviously made in MS Paint.
I cannot give anymore than a 2.5

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 2.7

Not recommendedReview by troglobite

30 Mar 2009, 04:49
Bee Boy Swarm (26 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness74%

So there are two very conflicting ratings on this tileset. To clear things up, it is unfortunately awful, and SPAZ18’s review is much more accurate.

Eyecandy: 3/10
There are a couple nice, 3d looking tiles, and you can make a fairly neat looking disintigrating tile animation. However, the rest of the tileset is pretty bland, or even ugly. Most of the ground is simple, cartoonish, and don’t mesh at all with each other. The background doesn’t work for textured, and doesn’t even look like it tiles 100% right. Many tiles were very poorly created. There are a flower and vine, which look very two dimensional. The only other real eyecandy is a bunch of Spaz’s with people’s names over them. However, they can only really be used for inside jokes, and will be entirely useless to the vast majority of people. And there is no eyecandy at all for foreground and background.

Usability: 2/10
This tileset is very hard to use. It has a bunch of letters and symbols(too many probably), vines, and a couple destruct tiles. However, the tileset is mainly hard to use because its lack of basic tiles. Even on the example level, bland orange slant tiles are placed next to the 3d tiles, looking very ugly, because they clash. The mask is also imperfect, with a few pixles of one of the charaters masked. Unfortunately, I can not imagine this tileset being widely used.

Originality: 1/5
I’m thinking of a tileset with solid colored walls. And some letters. This tileset does nothing new.

Bonus: Includes an example level: +1

Total: 7/25=28%=2.8/10

Sorry, no download recommendation.

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