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12 Apr 2009 at 21:27 (Minor update on 13 Apr 2009)

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headfreak (More uploads by headfreak)
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begining.j2l begining 0.81 kB 12 Apr 2009
boss.j2l Untitled 3.51 kB 12 Apr 2009
castle5.j2l the begining 33.92 kB 12 Apr 2009
forestj2l.j2l easter day 12.53 kB 12 Apr 2009
the end.j2l ending 0.98 kB 12 Apr 2009
drq_heat.xm h e a t w a v e 1069.74 kB 16 Oct 1997
UNREALPM.S3M UnreaL ][ / PM 586.78 kB 09 Oct 1993


My Episode is finaly done (a little short) i hope you enjoy it :) and pls rate !!! episode 2 is not going to come soon because i’m making 6 more lvl’s on episode 1 and i forgot to say when i downloaded the thing that makes tileset’s it has viros in it and i couln’t make my own :( that’s why i make lvl’s with JJ2 tileset’s


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RecommendedReview by mortalspaz

12 Jul 2009, 13:48
Turtle Goon (70 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings43 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness76%

The loooong review:

The 1st level (The Intro) called the begining.
It seemed a bit short and it wasn’t convincing enough.
It was familiar to my subject actualy
“Save the queen.“But why? Does she really needs saving? do you have to do it and the reasons are? at least it was a story.

LVL 2 also called The…Begining..?!
Well.. the name isn’t quite good.
It could’ve been (The Castle , or The Secret Dungeon or something else)

The eyecandy was good, the level being fixed most of it but it needs improving.At first looked quite well but there were some odd bugs..

Enemy Placement wasn’t very good , because i like to play more challenging levels, the level having most turtles, few bats some cats and some dragons .6/10

Tileset use was good enough but it seem quite short for a castle level mostly covered in walls and not to many action .Layers were used (3 4 5 6 8)
The music dosen’t really fit a castle level.

LVL 3 Easter Day(called easter5). This level is ripped.
If you search for “Easter fix” you will find it there. In some places looked like The Easter Bunny from TSF.It was kinda buggy and there were actualy places were you got killed which is just annoying because there aren’t so many 1ups.

Enemy placement was bad ,most of them were turtles.
There were many trigers, it took me a while to find all the coins but not much.(Typically for SP levels)The tune was GREAT.I liked it so much.

The last LVL with the boss had no music and it was too short like you just start,go there and suddenly Devan appears.But… it’s the classic way for a pack ending.

Score 119550:average
Music:-drq_heat.xm good – UNREALPM.s3m fitted something else 8/10
Final Score 5.8
DL Rec… Ummm not really but… why not. A thing to spend you time with if you don’t have anything else to do…
I would wait for ep2 but try to put more levels and more difficult(Tip:Try to put more obstacles and more flying enemies) The story must be better than “Operation1 Save the queen” like ep1.Try to put original names for you levels(ex Queen1 or HFep1)

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Not recommendedReview by PT32

16 Apr 2009, 05:04
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

I played partway through this and wasn’t overly impressed with it. It has some good ideas and some good eyecandy, but it also has some bad ideas and bad eyecandy. Like the spike pit in the castle level. What’s with that?! The movie intro sequence thingies weren’t really up to par, and the flow was wierd.
Still, the concept was okay, if also eluscive, and it WAS playable. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to give you a 5.9 and no dl rec. I hate doing that, after all your hard work on it, and I heartily suggest going back and fixing it up. It’s a great pack, albeit in need of work. Just fix ‘er up and wait…

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