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15 Apr 2009 at 23:14

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benja suarez (More uploads by benja suarez)
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benjamin pulido
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lab2.j2l laboratorio 1.84 kB 15 Apr 2009


Nivel creado por mi para mas preguntas


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Not recommendedDBunny rated 1.0

I think some of the lvl’s there must be deleted because Download section in the last time is full with junk lvl’s….
Now about the lvl ..what can I say, is like a soup of enemyes and other things…

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Not recommendedReview by sonicnathan 1

16 Apr 2009, 01:52 (edited 16 Apr 09, 01:54)
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings99 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness70%

now I can sum this up as don’t download right now, but what type of reviewer would I do if i did?

Sometimes, I wish the staff would go through new submissions and get rid of the pure garbage ones….uh, sorry back to reality. Eyecandey, what to say. If you put a skunk and dog **** in blender what would you get? This. The background doesn’t fit and there’s no layer 7, 6 or 5. There is a little bit in layer 3, but those are just animated beakers floating in mid air. Layer 4 is horrible. It’s the bare basics and probably a little less then that. All it is some floor tiles put together and thrown in the blender along with the sunk and dog mixture. they float like magic and is boring to look at.
Go right, kill enemies, drop, do this again, got right, fight enemies, end. Need I say more?
Enemy Placement
All there is is bunch of random enemies thrown in and a lot of them have nothing to do with the tileset. Nothing is put in strategic locations and you can just get hit once then run for the exit basically.
Pickup Placement
I saw a couple of gems in the beginning and a useless toaster powerup. That’s all.
Final score:4/40
Rank F
DR? I really wanted this review to be longer, bit i don’t know what else to say. Keep working at levels though. Learn from your mistakes and don’t let my comment discourage you. No Download Recommended though. Keep trying. You’ll get better!

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Review by SPAZ18

16 Apr 2009, 11:56
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Just wanted to say that the first screenshot displayed is NOT part of the level at all. This is actually the screen of the beta version of Diamondus.

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Not recommendedReview by fearofdark

17 Apr 2009, 12:56
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

I think everyone else who has already reviewed has this one covered, so I won’t even bother writing a long review.

Very bad eyecandy with few layers used, and it was all a mess, particularily the background (for labrat, you need to use F to flip the tiles and make it fix). As for the gmaeplay, there was almost none. A few enemies and about 5 gems is about all this level has to offer. It was also very short and very linear, particulaily towards the end, where you have a long run up towards the end of the level.

RATING: 1.3 (.2 for the gameplay, and .1 for the eyecandy all on the basis that you had some)
DOWNLOAD?: Err, no, I don’t think. If you take a look at the JCS Reference at the top of the page, it has all kinds of tips on how to improve your levels. Also, make your levels longer and put more content in them and spend time on them. This could be made in 5 minutes.

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