Forgotten Dungeons

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29 Jul 2009 at 14:18

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Robee (More uploads by Robee)
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fdungeons.j2l Forgotten Dungeons 8.91 kB 29 Jul 2009
Castle2N.j2t Castle 2 Night 209.43 kB 29 Mar 2002 Castle City 771.32 kB 30 Jul 2005


That’s a battle level. Contains 4 carrots, 3 power ups, 5 kinds of ammunition.

Tileset conversion by BlurredD
Thanks to Czech, Fox, Napoleon, Valmango for suggestions/finding bugs and everyone who was playing there.

Enjoy it.


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.6

Recommended_Fox rated 9.5

Great level, gameplay is awesome. Interesting places for pus.
Download it now, dont wait!

PurpleJazz rated 7.0

A solid battle level, yet aside from the moderately amusing Seeker PU area, there is nothing special about this level in my opinion to warrant such high ratings like the ones that have already been given.

Not recommendedFawFul rated 7.0

Good lvl, just think it’s not really special apart from that it is a good flow playing around battle level. its originality doesnt stand out from the rest.Napo said it would be the best lvl, but personally i like something that is more special,something like condemned or enter the chaos have more creative idea’s.but don’t be sad,7 is a good mark

Not recommendedGalana rated 5.0

This level is too ordinary. I don’t like this boring grounds. You could make more interesting level with this tileset.
The pillars.. erm.. no comment. I don’t know who will play this. Even JJ2 novice will say “THIS IS REALLY BORING LVL. SUX
DR? NO. Why? Read Minmay’s and Dodges’ review.

Not recommendedDodges. rated 4.7

Well.. another ordinary battle. My rabbit’s legs stick out from under the pillars. On layer 5 there are mostly straight ends of the wall. It goes evenly with main platforms. I don’t like the rain. It rains so slowly. In the chains, You missed two complementary tiles. There is so many ammo in the level. Also, there aren’t any MP starts.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.2

Not recommendedReview by minmay

30 Jul 2009, 04:28 (edited 31 Jul 09, 17:25)
Turtle Goon (52 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%


This is, as you may have guessed, a battle level made with the Castle 2 Night tileset. It is also not an especially good one.

Eyecandy in this level is unpleasant. There are background tiles in the foreground, and some tiles even appear in both. This is not pleasant.
The walls are particularily bad; they consist mostly of the ordinary wall tiles, slapped together fairly lazily. Most parts of them consist of less than a quarter of the wall tiles available, making them look plain, yet sloppy. Furthermore, in the areas where tiles are more variable, tilebugs abound.
The presence of the pillar tiles and slope tiles inside the walls completes the emsemble. It could be likened to a painter who, after completing a particularily uninspired work, proceeded to eat five pounds of grapes and vomit all over it.

Chains (which, by the way, haven’t been put together right) are slapped all over 3, with little regard for their location.
The background walls consist almost entirely of straight lines, and don’t use the shadow tiles properly.

Perhaps that’s enough about the level’s graphical side; there isn’t actually quite as much to criticize about the level’s actual gameplay.

The first thing to note is that the level is filled with ammo. There is too much. Way too much. Frankly, this level would be near-unplayable if indeed anyone bothered to play it, as it would simply be a cesspool of seeker spamming.

The level’s layout…well, it isn’t BAD, exactly, but it’s certainly not that good. It’s pretty generic, and, honestly, rather restrictive. The only really annoying thing, however, is the level’s single vine, which is an ungodly, aggravating, dead-end if you approach it from underneath. (You could RF climb up, but this is nearly impossible for Jazz, which, I suppose, basically creates a bias.)

On the whole, this level strikes me as being thoroughly uninspired. There isn’t much else to say.

Napoleon: I don’t have anything in particular against Robee. As it happens, however, I don’t like this level.

ANOTHER EDIT: Just to clear up the whole start position thing: when online, JJ2 uses Jazz Starts first, then Spaz Starts, then the MP starts. PLUS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.
(Yes, with careful placement of start positions you could very well determine the order in which people start. Unfortunately this is unpredictable and glitchy as crap, and will almost certainly break if you don\‘t do things exactly right, and is fairly pointless anyway. Prefer to use warps, though it should be pointed out that netiher one resets when the level cycles.)

To prevent a possible exploit and a possible error (which may have been fixed in Plus but that\‘s beside the point), you should always use Jazz Starts, and ONLY Jazz Starts, in Battle, Treasure, and any other game mode that doesn\‘t have teams.

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Review by FireSworD

30 Jul 2009, 07:35
Spaz Slackrabbit (150 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings66 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness87%

Woah! Guys, be careful how you rate this. It looks to be about a 7-8 level. I don’t see much reason to rate this lower than 5. Although it is quite generic and the eyecandy could possibly be better.

Also, I suggest abolishing the rating system.

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RecommendedReview by Sebek aka Slayer

30 Jul 2009, 14:16
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Well It’s great battle level very playable and one of these levels where skills (RF Trick etc) are useful there. I dislike one thing, near seek pu are to much candles and it makes down part of level a lilttle uglier. I will not also write long review like Ddoges or Napo and attacting to each other because it is boring, but I have to say, Galana’s words in her review: ,,BTW I loled when I saw lots of Jazz-start-poses and ANY MP. GG THEN,,make me laugh because it doesn’t matter in battle. Although I think rates of my clanmates are to high, yes level is good one, but not awesome to give a rate almost 10.

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RecommendedReview by Napo-Leon

29 Jul 2009, 14:26 (edited 30 Jul 09, 13:48)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness23%

[Original comment]:
what can i say… an excellent battle level….imo one of d best… (not just coz rob is my clan mate, but its true)… the eye candy is great… gameplay is also great… well i hate taking too long to write reviews so gg :D

[well i hate needing to set people’s reviews as quick so gg :D ~cooba]

[to cooba ¬ awwww thats a shame XDDD]

So…. to ff: i didnt say its best, i said its one of the best…

as for dodges and galana.. id say ur rating is by far unfair. id rate a lvl a 3 if it has no sense of level ;S… also.. whats wrong with the pillars… the candles below are mmmm quite well done since they dont collide much with the playable part so they arent confusing the player ;p…

as for knights having destructable heads: i completely reject that idea in battle ;p… it may ruin a valuable hit by hitting some dumb knights head instead of your enemy. also d ammo is well placed imo. the only part which i disliked was the right top part which is easily campable since its only accessible by below…. or else by a divine interventioned- rf climb :D. as for the rain… well ur kinda right abt it gal. but seriously i didnt actually mind it or even notice it when i played the level. as for d chains i didnt even notice (again XD) mmmm by focusing my attention on them i didnt rly find them fake or anything….
ammo: well u need to have ammo for battle ;p…. also the ammo used is quite sensible…. rfs since there r loads of str8 paths.. bouncers for down the slopes… and well seeks for luck, lag and camp ;D. carrots and pus are well placed as well. Id liked the part of “ROBEE” :D well not so orignal but cute :D. and the Czech text was ++ :D haha. also i liked the idea of creating an rf-climbing lvl ;p… but still i wouldnt dare doing an rf climb in a tb or event ;p…. otherwise suicide

eyecandy isnt that important as most ppl think in levels… think of all the most known level…. je, semi, distopia, ms. they dont have that such an astounding eyecandy. as for MP starts… rob hosted this and still we got no problems with the starting positions… (even using ctf as gamemode)

final note: deep breath this is my looooooooongest review ever xD ur d lucky one rob still i usually neglect reviews this long if they were posted by other critics :D

to dod: well its their fault if they dont have plus…. they are obviously noobs and dont care abt any ++ lvl :P….
“If You remove my rates of their [iR] levels, then remove their on mine too.”
well u also mean my comment/rating as well ;(?

minmay: 4.7 on such a lvl is quite unfair ;S… d flow is great … eyecandy can be improved but as i said before eyecandy isnt that important in a good-flow level. stop making sh*t comments/ratings just coz u hate the author. if u dont like the author just dont comment at all ;S.
imo 0-2 is for a noob level.. 2-5 is for a noob lvl with some good points/eyecandy… 5-7 well fair enough… 7-9.5 good… i never exceed 9.5… otherwise it would be perfect ;D

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