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18 Aug 2009 at 18:49

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hose.j2l my live 1.38 kB 18 Aug 2009


dowlioan to level my hose my wc on sign plaier&multiple level no paswort!


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Review by Stijn

24 Jan 2010, 12:10
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Note: This uses the Hotel Dream tileset, but for whatever reason the author renamed it to “HotelD Rhotel.j2t”. You can get the file under that name at

Okay, this level is horrible. It doesn’t have a background, which is only a big problem in single player, but looks bad regardless of game mode. Thanks to the mystifying decision to upload this as “Multiple” I can’t even tell whether this is supposed to be a multi- or singleplayer level. My guess is multiplayer, as it doesn’t have any enemies or an end boss. In fact, it doesn’t really have any events at all, save for a few warps.

You start in a room which loudly shouts WELCOME GEST (I’m assuming “guest” here) at you and then warps you to the rightmost part of the level. There isn’t a whole lot to do there. You can run to the left side of the level, passing what’s supposedly meant to be a swimming pool, to reach the “hose” (house). The house is equally disappointing, with a few basic constructions, a room at the upper level and a warp to the roof. But why would you want to go to the roof? There’s nothing to do there. All in all this is no fun to play. There’s no weapons or other pickups, there’s nothing that allows for tactical duels, and there’s only a few platforms.

Of course the level doesn’t look good either. As said, there’s no background, but there’s no other eyecandy to speak of either. Even levels such as these, which I suppose fall in the broad “hotel” category, should be nice to look at; it improves the experience a lot. There’s no music either; makes it even more boring. There’s plenty of music on Jazz2Online and included with the game itself, so you really have no excuse for forgetting it.

Alex, I’m disabling uploading new levels for you until you show me you’ve improved. Not a single level by you has gotten a positive review, and you’re not doing anything with the feedback people give you. When you have made a level that is not just fun for you to play, but also for others, feel free to contact me and I’ll make it possible for you to put it on the site again. Until then, please try to practice a bit. Look at other levels, see what makes them good, and try to use this knowledge in your own works. Good luck!

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Review by drmooCSW

19 Aug 2009, 10:27
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I must say that after playing this level, it was a total waste of an upload. This level is absolutely good for nothing. Looks like Yoshi’s House off of Super Mario World. Only worse…

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Review by Ron97

26 Oct 2009, 09:13
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
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Disabling ratings won’t stop anyone from seeing this is totally bad level.

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Review by Zoro

24 Jan 2010, 04:53 (edited 25 Jan 10, 04:44 by Crazy Rabbit)
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Ok, sorry cooba!
But anyway, people, dont download it please. It may be boring.

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Review by Viv1r

9 Feb 2022, 15:15
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Check this out:

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