Final flashback (MEGA REUPLOAD)

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23 Oct 2009 at 13:02

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MSM jack rabbit (More uploads by MSM jack rabbit)
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FF (529.65 kB)

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Mjuzik.txt 0.61 kB 23 Oct 2009
FF-1.j2l stoned jungle 13.57 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-2.j2l Great escape 14.34 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-3.j2l Crystal caves 16.88 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-4.j2l the lost rabbit 12.53 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-5.j2l chase the ace 8.07 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-6.j2l revenge of the ace 8.59 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-7.j2l fight with ace 2.27 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-B.j2l golden ball 5.11 kB 01 Oct 2009
FF-end.j2l SJ CC & Ace @credits 2.93 kB 03 Aug 2009
Credits.j2t E.E.H Ending Credits 103.21 kB 09 Mar 2007
CrysilisV.j2t CrysilisV 140.23 kB 11 Jan 2008
j1Battleships.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships 35.74 kB 20 Oct 2001
j1Battleshipsv2.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships v2 52.97 kB 19 Mar 2007
PezroxV.j2t JJ1 Pezrox 109.88 kB 14 May 2009


mini info:

Final flashback is a 6 level episode

It’s goal of this pack is to (partially) recreate feel of JJ1 final episode “final clash”

original description (from JJ1 MANUAL.DOC)…


Episode 6: The Final Clash
At last, Devan’s warships loom in the distance! Can Jazz hop, skip, and jump past two planets on the way? PEZROX — Enormous concrete blocks form impregnable mazes that Jazz must navigate while dodging lethal spiked balls. As the sun sets in the distance, Jazz can almost smell victory… Or is that Devan’s feet? CRYSILIS — (…) Crysilis is Devan’s depository for all of his (stolen) treasures… Time to raid it! TWIN MEGA BATTLESHIPS — The turtles have built their crafts of destruction! A pair of ENORMOUS battleships loom in the distance, armed to the teeth and ready to fight! Jazz must pilot his AirBoard, find a way into each ship, and destroy the central CPUs.(…)


! warning !

- due to filesize limits – no music is included (see MJUZIK.txt for needed music)

- in FF-4 level (lost rabbit) your goal is to collect 25 coins hidden in ground

- also in in FF-4 level – in egg room shoot up blocks (bouncers are useful for this) to make TNT crate appear (TNT crates are needed to destroy egg)

- play it ONLY in HIGH DETAIL , otherwise it will look HORRIBLE

- i tested it only on TSF , so … use it for your risk.


done by M-S-M* jackrabbit
(* or Mario-Sonic-MegaMan)


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RecommendedFoly rated 9

Wow im really wondering why this level pack doesnt got any reviews after playing this. Its an amazing pack, nice job. The only thing thats missing is a story and you should also fix some (little) tilebugs. Besides that work a bit on your english grammar :P

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Review by MSM jack rabbit

2 Nov 2009, 17:05
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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anybody can rate it ? PLEASE (former demo version was rated 9.2 with download recommendation) not only download it

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RecommendedReview by PT32

22 Nov 2011, 21:54
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

How did this pack go so thoroughly under the radar?!

No longer.

MSM jack rabbit’s Final Flashback pack is good. Not perfect, but nice nonetheless. Many people have requested Jazz 1 remakes, but few attempts are worth playing.

This one is, despite a plethora of fallacies.

For the sake of convenience, I will evaluate each level individually, then summarize the whole thing.

“Stoned Jungle*

Pros: This level does a great job of varying its own structure, moving seamlessly from one style of eyecandy to another. The flow was excellent, the events were well placed, and it was a blast to play.

Cons: The events were well placed, but there were a lot of them. Also a lot of goodie items. While the trigger crate segment had some cool animations, it WAS a little gimmicky.

Great Escape

Pros: Built in the style of a concrete metropolis, GE takes the Pezrock tileset and uses it in a completely new way. Run your way through the city, break into high rises and steal treasure and enjoy the well-executed level.

Cons: I did have a few concerns here. Many of the trees weren’t one-way, so I got hung up on them. Likewise, it was a little difficult to find the route. Some paths were blocked by Blast’Em Blocks hidden too carefully. The TSF cats could’ve been replaced by the 1.23 dogs, making this a standard Jazz2-friendly game.

Crystal Caves

Pros: It was a good long level, but not too long. Execution was good, and I made it through alright. The ostrich and lizard were turned into pseudo-baddies, which was done quite cleverly.

Cons: Ahh, yes. I did have some issues with the Crysilis levels. The excessive gold and silver was very hard on my eyes. While the ostrich and lizard were clever, they more often than not got in the way, which was frustrating. It was monotonous to an extent.

The Lost Rabbit

Pros: Much like the first level, it was decently well executed and innovative.

Cons: It was too bad that I found more to criticize than to praise in Crysilis. The ostriches in the foreground, while clever, were visually unappealing. This level was very gimmicky, and difficult to play. That being said, it could’ve been worse.

Chase the Ace

Pros: Once I made it to the ship, this level was pretty fun. It’s huge, it’s challenging, and it’s cool.

Cons: The airboard part. It was SO frustrating! A tip for the future: Don’t make invisible warp mazes. They just don’t work. There was too much to shoot at here, and it got old fast. The boss was interesting once I figured it out, but until then, it was annoying.

Revenge of the Ace

Pros: It’s a lot like the first one. Big ship, lots to do. Pretty fun.

Cons: You start off the level in the mouth of a Plesiasaurus spaceship. Then you run down its throat, and get pulled through the ship.


There was an absurd amount of stuff to shoot at, and things get frustrating. Eyecandy was allright, but not very original.

Fight With Ace

Pros: I love levels where people use custom boss events. If they’re done right (and it was here), they can be pretty fun. Plenty of ammo is provided, so that’s no issue.

Cons: There were way too many Countdown Blast’Em Blocks. I had to spend an eternity shooting through row after row after row just to get to the boss. Then I had to figure out how to activate the boss. Once I did it was fun, but getting there was nightmarish. It would’ve been very nice to see a save point before the boss.

Golden Ball

Pros: A requisite bonus level is, of course, required in any good Jazz 1 remake. Here it is right here.

Cons: Once again, the eyesore eyecandy of Crysilis returns. This reminded me more of a normal stage than a bonus level, and there were so many baddies and pitfalls that it wasn’t pleasant at all.


I was astonished at the cleanness of the pack. There were very few bugs to speak of, and in the earlier levels at least, I could get around pretty well. Music was pretty good too.

However, Crysilis and Battleships tanked for me, and I had a hard time coming up with positive feedback for them. Fortunately, the common rookie mistakes I was expecting to find seemed for the most part absent (like tileset bugs, inaccessable spots, things like that). Good job on that.

It’s time I wrapped this review up, so I’ll say this in conclusion: It was a good pack, but needs a lot of work. You’ll get it right, MSM. Just keep crackin’. DL rec, because despite its shortcomings, FF was still a good pack.

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