The Lemon Field

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1 Nov 2009 at 23:03 (Minor update on 2 Nov 2009)

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djazz (More uploads by djazz)
My LevelPacker and the creator of tileset and music
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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djhlrs01.j2l The Lemon Field 2.21 kB 02 Nov 2009
djhlrs01n.j2l The Lemon Field 2.22 kB 02 Nov 2009
djhlrs01n_nopit.j2l The Lemon Field NoPit 2.22 kB 02 Nov 2009
djhlrs01_nopit.j2l The Lemon Field NoPit 2.22 kB 02 Nov 2009
New Diamondus 3.j2t New Diamondus 3 274.64 kB 02 Nov 2009
New Diamondus 4.j2t New Diamondus 4 274.66 kB 02 Nov 2009
diamdust.j2b Diamond Dust 337.66 kB 02 Nov 2009


This is a little level I made for DanZeal’s HLRS server. It can also be played in Instagib or in normal LRS.
The level contains two small pits, three types of ammo and.. lemons!

All comments are appreciated, even the quick ones :D

Edit1: Added a non-pit version
Edit2: Added a night version


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.2

RecommendedRon97 rated 7.8

Well,from my point,the levels are nice,have nice gameplay and eyecandy. So here you go,I hope it’s enough,keep up the good programming and levelmaking work.

minmay rated 4.5

I can’t really bring myself to give this a higher rating than I am. It’s a very small level, presumably intended for instagib, but it fails to pay attention to the necessary details in making such a level. It’s too open. Way too open. This means that the gameplay is thoroughly chaotic and luck-based, unless you have, say, a 10ms ping time.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6

Review by Eigus

3 Nov 2009, 16:41
Frog (20 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness75%

DJazz’s “Lemon Field”. Set self-explanatorily in a small, paradisaic lemon field, complete with a cheery remix of the Diamondus theme. A small battle level reccommended by the author for Instagib and HLRS sub-gamemodes…

Lemon Field has good, yet rather unoriginal eyecandy. There’s a typical Diamondus bay in the background and two rows of trees in the closer layers. There are also waterfalls and leaves in the foreground, which is nice… but can be a bit annoying in a level of that size. If you have the f9 list open, or 2xf9 (list+stats) and a few players, your field of view becomes a bit obstructed. A -0.2 BOOnus for that. Other thing I don’t quite like (but I won’t rate that) is the night version’s palette. It doesn’t feel like a night on a lemon field, but thanks to the red ‘water’ it feels like a gory murder scene on a lemon field. IMO the author should’ve used New Diamondus 2 for that.

Gameplay-wise it isn’t anything brilliant. It’s only 30×15, which makes it almost single-screen, has some bouncers, toasters and seekers, and, obviously lemons. Lemons are what I actually like about this level. If you have enough, you can turn into a sugar-rushing titan and go on a roasting spree, especially in instagib. While I don’t know if that concept was what made DJazz place the lemons in this level, it’s pretty cool. A +0.1 bonus for that.

Concluding, “Lemon Fields” is an average level. It could’ve been a 6.1 from me if not the view-obstructing foreground. You get a 5.9. Keep on making levels and with practice you’ll be much better soon.

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Review by Master Cheif

2 Nov 2009, 09:40
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

Hey master cheif here. firstly this is my first review :) WOOHOO!!!!
ok now to the reviewing.
This is a new idea. a new concept. lemons!!!! lol! it is very small and brings for close combat. which is fun if you are good at dodging and going fast. I do like the water falls. I dont really like the eye candy because it isnt new stuff. but i spose it works with the foreground well and u dont pay much attention in onmline play coz its fast :) cool random bush on the end of the ledges :)

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