JJ1 Fanolint v1.2

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22 Nov 2009 at 19:35 (Minor update on 23 Nov 2009)

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minmay (More uploads by minmay)
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fanex12.j2l Fanolint 3.18 kB 22 Nov 2009
JJ1 Fanolint v1.2.j2t JJ1 Fanolint v1.2 86.80 kB 22 Nov 2009
SONG8.S3M 114.95 kB 14 Jun 2008


After releasing Fanolint, people pointed out how much it sucked (and yet still gave it decent ratings).

So I’ve changed it and now it doesn’t suck. Since the tileset is so different now, I’m releasing it seperately; if I didn’t, it would cause heavy confusion.

Notable changes:
-Tile layout massively improved.
-Fans now have the correct number of frames (32). In the original, the large fans had two duplicate frames and the small fans were missing four frames.
-Better looking destructtriggerbuttstompwhatever scenery blocks.
-Many more extra tiles for flexibility.
-There’s a textured background. I’m still not sure what use it is though.
-Song8.s3m instead of Fanolint.s3m. Just because.

EDIT: And since it turns out I have to say this after all, DON’T RATE THE EXAMPLE LEVEL.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.6

Recommendedsonicnathan 1 rated 7.5

Defiantly better. order is still a little bad in some areas but you have added lots more tiles. The background looks better and the destruct blocks look better. I like it a lot better. 7.5 and DR

RecommendedZoro rated 7.7

Sky is good!
And you fixed low detail!
I think this tileset is good for use!
RATING: 7.7 with DR

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.9

RecommendedReview by PT32

26 Apr 2010, 21:35
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

This is frankly a great tileset. Great and practical. A few minor issues but overall well done.

Palette colors were spotless, which is definitely a big plus when considering previous

renditions of Fano by various users. All the tiles were there, which is also good, and tile

masks too are accurate.
I was struck profoundly by the large amount of tiles that were duplicated in the set. Many of

them were placed twice in the set, leading me to believe that either 1= There was an

option to make some tiles translucent in the level, or 2 (Which is far more likely) = The

author forgot which tiles had been already added, and put ‘em in again just to be safe. This

also occurred in the older versions of Fanolint. In any case, it was slightly irritating.
Fortunately, Minmay made up for this by using an excellent tileset layout, putting [almost] all

of each group of tiles in the same location, sorting expertly. A few of the orange bricks were

displaced, but overall it was nicely done.
Music was the fanolint song.
The tileset was fairly clear buggage-wise. Textured bg was alright.
So, what can be said about this Fanolint conversion? Very nice tileset. Not-so-nice example

level. I guess I’ll just say 7.9 and a DL rec for the tileset [I don’t recommend playing the

example level, unless you need help figuring out how to use the set].

Keep Jazzing!

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