A hearty pack o'JJ2 songs

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23 Dec 2009 at 03:16 (Minor update on 2 Dec 2017)

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rfydn reader.txt 0.71 kB 22 Dec 2009
Chrystalline.it --Pools of Light & Shadow- 986.97 kB 21 Dec 2009
Eu4fixed.it --Eu4ria 2.1belectria-- 443.36 kB 21 Dec 2009
megaC.it --Carrotus (Carrotene Mix) 614.81 kB 16 Dec 2009
silevall.it --Silent Valley [StonaRemi 432.37 kB 11 May 2009


some more remixes of mine, including an improved Eu4ria.


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Review by Toni_

23 Dec 2009, 16:55 (edited 30 Dec 09, 16:09)
Frog (15 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness55%

Pools of Light & Shadow:
Nice, good…AND BOOM! On middle, that song is getting some Hard-Rock bad guitar, or something else, what makes this song very bad till the end. This remix is going to be rated 5.7.

Eu4ia 2.1belectria:
Yeah…you beat me. I can’t rate this song low, because I like original version of Tube Electric. Mix is nice, awful, and BOOM again…on the end that song was ruined. Because of good original song, and middle of this mix, rate for this song will be 6.7.

Carrotus (Carrotene Mix):
Good song, good samples, rhytm, too. Rate is 5.7.

Silent Valley (StonaRemix):
Not very expressed what you really want to show us with that song. Rate 6.0.

This pack isn’t that good as I expected when I heard 1st song, but the only one song what makes this pack better is Tubeelectric remix.

Rate 6.0

EDIT: Ron, I didn’t rate rate this because of Faw’s low rate. He told me on MSN:“Wait, busy, I am reviewing PT32’s song on J2O” I said:“I saw that, I’ll rate that now, and after that we can talk”. We posted it in 17:55 and 17:59, because we talked on MSN about some rushes and something like that. I don’t care on other rates. I am good in composing and he is, too (Faw), so we are sharing our emotions about songs ;).

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Review by PT32

23 Dec 2009, 18:41
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

(groans exhaustedly)
Good thing I didn’t include the one I REALLY thought was crud!

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RecommendedReview by Joseph Collins

20 Feb 2010, 11:16 (edited 20 Feb 10, 11:17)
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings75 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness62%

It are a music pack. A music pack of four random tunes — Stonar, Carrotus Gardens, Tubelectric, Crysilis. These files are of mixed quality, but this does kind of leave me at a loss. I’m…never quite sure how to review packs of things, though… I mean, one really horrid entry could easily destroy the entire overall rating of the pack, or one really superb entry could raise the ranking of the entire pack far beyond where it needs to be! I guess the easiest way to go about this is to review the pack as a whole… So that’s what I’ll do.

==================Simple Review==================
Base Score: 5/10

Point Bonuses: +3
[+1] Starts out promising…
[+2] “Pools of Light & Shadow” by itself is worth two points.

Point Deductions: -2
[-1] But quickly leads to disappointment when you realize that two of the songs in his pack bear almost no resemblence to their intended counterparts.
[-1] Tying in with the above deduction, the rest of the songs, while not absolutely horrible, don’t really feel like Jazz Jackrabbit songs anymore.

Final Score: 6/10

=================Extended Review=================
Really… It’s a mixed bag. I’ll give my take on each song individually here, then give my overall opinions at the bottom.

Song Analysis:
Silent Valley
I’m not exactly sure I hear Stonar in there, though… Unfortunately for the author, I genuinely cannot hear much of the original song buried within the heavy drums, deep bass, and pan flutes. The only real similarities I hear between the two songs are Stonar’s bit of melody at 1:53 and this song’s similar melody around 0:51. Well…that and the authentic Jazz Jackrabbit samples reused for this tune. As an original song, though… Not too bad.

Carrotus (Carrotene Mix)
Rather than lead up with a cheerful rise as in the original, this song chooses to drone down deep in heavy guitars right from the start. Again, the similarities between this song and the source material, “Carrotus” from Jazz Jackrabbit 2, are far and wide. I’m not entirely sure if this uses any of the original samples. The song also kind of falls into chaos around 1:20, in which the chimes start to overpower the electric guitars, causing a headache-inducing rhythm that’s not real pleasant on the ears. If it wasn’t for that one part between 1:20 and 1:43, I’d say this is a pretty good rock song despite its lack of similarity to Carrotus. This particular tune was also made to be looped, and it does indeed loop flawlessly.

Eu4ria 2.1belectria
Tubelectric. Again. Has anyone really done anything different with Tubelectric yet? Not even my “Winter Thunderland” remix was all that different if you get right down to it. But I digress.
Loudness. That’s what this particular mix is. Loudness. It uses the original samples in a number of places as well as using a number of heavy drum samples among other things. It’s not as awful as some of the things I’ve heard, but there’s a part around 1:42, and the ending part, that aren’t at all pleasant. Once again, it just ends up being a disorganized mess of loud samples around these areas. The rest of the song? Well, as a change of pace, PT32 actually made the song sound like Tubelectric. A good portion of the song is actually a lot of fun to listen to, as well. It’s not terribly different from what you’d come to expect from Tubelectric, but it has a certain appeal to it.

Pools of Light & Shadow
This. This right here. This wins. If you were going to download this pack for just one song, it would be this one. Pools of Light & Shadow is the author’s best work from this pack without a single doubt. Maybe I’m just a fan of echoing melodies, but I genuinely love this song and what was done with it. It has a beautiful sense of drama and fine arrangement that makes it of the same quality as some professional grade music. This is a true joy to listen to. And just when you’re getting used to the beautiful melodies, at 1:48 comes a huge change! It gives an image of walking through the planet and admiring the crystal caves, then having them collapse right on your head. And yet, all is not lost. 2:19 brings a peaceful, yet forever-changed landscape of a single electric guitar with deep choir in the background, leading to a slow fade-out of the song. And finally, a beautiful reminder of what once was. If the author had submitted this song by itself, I would have absolutely no qualms about giving it the high rating I think it deserves.

Sample Analysis:
The samples are clean, clear, crisp, and don’t fuzz. I’d say about half the samples come from the source material while the other half comes from wherever they came from. For the most part, they’re used well, but as mentioned in the individual song reviews, sometimes they’re just too much for that area of the song. Not much else to say about the samples.

Final Analysis:
There aren’t enough good things I can say about “Pools of Light & Shadow”. The rest of the songs I can give or take, but Pools of Light & Shadow is the main reason you’re going to want this pack. A suggestion for you, PT32, might be to upload the songs individual for a more balanced review of each, or at the very least, upload Pools of Light & Shadow by itself if you’re aiming for a popular song.

If it wasn’t obvious, I recommend this music pack purely for the beauty that is “Pools of Light & Shadow”. The song title tells you exactly what to expect: light and shadow.

“FawFul stole my tagline! I HAVE FURY!!!
Your friendly neighborhood S3M/MIDI artist, Joseph “Doc Lithius” Collins

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Review by Ron97

30 Dec 2009, 10:27
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings27 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness44%

Don’t rate this bad because FawFuL rated it bad. Just an advice.

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