An Impossible Mission: Level Pack

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10 Jul 2001 at 06:00 (Minor update on 10 Jul 2001)

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Stijn (More uploads by Stijn)

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ImpossibleReadme.htm Readme about An Impossible Mission [IM] 1.99 kB 06 Apr 2001
Impossible1.j2l IM I: Plastic Pipes 6.33 kB 05 Apr 2001
Impossible2.j2l IM II: Punkin' Chinkin' 6.53 kB 05 Apr 2001
Impossible3.j2l IM 3: Red Rain 5.52 kB 05 Apr 2001
Impossible4.j2l IM IV: Throwing Snowballs B3 5.18 kB 06 Apr 2001
MEZ02.J2T MEZ02 26.19 kB 21 Sep 2000
Newest.j2t Newest 92.42 kB 19 May 1999
Impossible3.mod A Jam No. 3 151.18 kB 01 Apr 1994
Impossible4.mod tune4 -SMILE!- 100.58 kB 02 Mar 2000
song16.s3m 58.64 kB 04 Jun 2000
ByFlash.gif 2.18 kB 05 Apr 2001
ImpossibleMission.gif 18.75 kB 05 Apr 2001


This level pack includes all my Impossible Mission levels who are already published (but it are very new versions: Much bugs fixed, added background layers etc.) and one, brand new, Impossible Mission level. Also includes a HTML readme, 3 custom music files and 2 custom tilesets. Enjoy and review.

EDIT: Geez, I’m dumb. I uploaded v2.0 but I wanted to upload v3.0 here it is now. If you already downloaded it, d/l again

P.S: Unknown, thanx. I didn’t find out that already.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.6

Review by Unknown Rabbit

Posted more than 16 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (27 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings27 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

Hmmm… I’ll start with the most obvious problem, to my mind. While #4 leads to #1, #1 to #2, and #2 to #3, #3 leads to #1 instead of #4!
If you were hosting this, you’d have to host 4 to ever see it. Also, readme aside, I’ll bet you a dollar I could get stuck in everyone of of the levels.

Now then, to the good points.
The level names are interesting, the 4th level is rather cool (groan) and the music for it is very nice.
The design is good too, though maybe a few too many powerups.

Other then that, it seems to be some normal battle levels. Download recommendation? Your choice.

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Review by Super Saiyan

Posted more than 16 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (197 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings197 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness11%

hmm…the uploaded version of this pack is mutch better then the old one…i like the design of the levels Specially the music of it.[This review has been edited by Super Saiyan]

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Review by >CelL<

Posted more than 16 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (265 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings242 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness73%

A pretty much above averege level pack we have here. This pack, using the ‘Mez02’, ‘Carottus’, ‘Medivo’ and ‘Newest’ tilesets. These are realy some fine battle levels. I like the way Fl@sh used the tilesets. It realy looks pretty interesting and fun. It would have been beter to have that big spaceship on layer 7 in the 4th level move, instead of just hover in the background. It would realy look nicer. I liked the level ‘plastic pipes’, using the Mez02 tileset. The platforms that where’ tangled up’ looked pretty neat, reminded me of ‘Unemotionel landscape’ by Mez herself. The music files where pretty cool, the Megairbase song from JJ1 to name one. The ammo placement was prety good too, not to much or to litle. Lveles where a bit small, but thats not a problem, as long as they are’nt as small as ‘The CelLleavtor’:). Design was good, pretty circular, only lots’a places to get stuck though. I would like to give this(and i will too) a pretty nifty 7.7 points and a FAT download recomendation.

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