Level Packer v2.1.0

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8 Apr 2010 at 18:49 (Major update on 12 Apr 2010)

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djazz (More uploads by djazz)
Me for the program, WinBinder for the windows-binder, Stijn for the J2L reader. Betatesters: HaloModo, Latifah and init

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levelpacker2-readme.txt 2.59 kB 12 Apr 2010
levelpacker2.exe 1840.00 kB 12 Apr 2010
levelpacker2.1.0.phpw 24.70 kB 10 Apr 2010
levelpacker2.ini 0.07 kB 10 Apr 2010
archive.ico 290.12 kB 18 Sep 2009
classLevel.php 7.77 kB 11 Apr 2010
classZip.php 7.44 kB 05 Apr 2010


Hey, it’s finally here!
This utility makes packing levels a breeze. All you need to do is to start it, choose a path, add some files, choose what to include and click Pack! and its done!
This is not yet as powerful as Level Packer v1.4.3, but this has another great advantage:

Some notes on how to install this, because there are two ways of “installing”:

You can choose if you want to use a nice Windows-looking application or an ugly EXE file. Read more in the readme.

To install WinBinder:
Download and install WinBinder, as this is used to run the .PHPW file (The main program). This .phpw file is the source of the utility too.

Please note: WinBinder can make some trouble on 64bit computers, is mainly for Windows, and I have also managed to install WinBinder under wine, and the utility works great there!
Before you use this, please read the readme file :)

-added LevelList support (v2.1.0)
-added lastpath “memory” (v2.1.0)
-fixed several bugs related to packing (v2.0.1)

This was the idea to make a GUI LevelPacker:
Puffie40: “the ultimate improvement I would like to see to this system would be a GUI that lets you see a list of the files and the ability include/exclude files into the zip before you pack, similar to CD Burner applications.

Edit: I have now included an EXE file, for you guys who are too lazy installing WinBinder and want an ugly look ;)

If you discover any bugs, please report them here. Or if you come with new ideas of features, I’m listening :D

Happy Birthday Jazz Jackrabbit 2 ;D


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.3

RecommendedExentry rated 9

So…Im going to rate 9 instead 8.5, as I said,
because this is very good program and its very useful

Steven(HsC) rated 10

very good :D

RecommendedSlaz rated 9

It’s not fully stand-alone, but other than that, it’s very nice to play around with and helpfull to the active JCSers.

RecommendedSaVn rated 8.7

Wonderful !!!!!
One of the best program of lvlpacker, I like that.
Rating: 8.7, download recommended!

RecommendedStarLORD rated 10

Well this is greatest utility,
i don’t have words about it.

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